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This is an April Fools Day post, but we all know you wish it was real! Unless you’re a lecher, of course.

Are you tired of lobbyists trying to put their hands all over your “amendments?”

Does it skeeve you out when elected officials watch adult films on the floor of the Senate?

Well there’s nothing we can do about the sexism that runs rampant through the Capitol. But we can help warn you away from the creeps ahead of time, and maybe try to shame a few into better behavior!

Order Burnt Orange Report’s Lechers of the Legislature Desk Calendar and educate yourself about the grossest, grabbiest guys in the Pink Dome!


It’s a veritable “who’s who” of perpetuators of institutional sexism…

  • Male legislators that ask if their colleagues’ breasts are real
  • Male legislators who make “meowing” noises when two women debate an amendment
  • Male legislators who play video games or pretend to sleep while female elected officials describe their own sexual assaults

… they’re all in there!

Know before you go: download our Lechers of the Legislature App with face recognition software. Works at the Cloak Room, the W, the Four Seasons, and anywhere else you’re going to have to fend off your boss’s desk mate.

If your Chief of Staff can’t stop staring at your cleavage long enough to answer a question about scheduling the interns, or one of your boss’s donors expects that he can hug you a little too long or even touch you at all, submit them for our special session summer edition.

The Pink Dome may be a Boy’s Club, but you can fight back by counting down the days until Sine Die with our Lechers of the Legislature calendar.

Click here to order.


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