Amendment Gets Campus Org. Discrimination Reported to State

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San Antonio’s Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer has filed a House budget amendment requiring that all incidents of Texas university organization discrimination be reported to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. This heightened state awareness would allow lawmakers to track violations of campus inclusiveness, discrimination and hate speech.

“Nationally you’ve seen a series of stories regarding instances of racial discrimination or racially motivated on goings on college campuses and universities,” UT grad Martinez Fischer said. “This amendment will empower the higher education coordinating board to assess that information, ascertain that data, and let us know.”

The Oklahoma fraternity aside, Texas has borne a serious bout of embarrassment due to campus organizations in past years. UT Austin’s Phi Gamma Delta “Fiji” fraternity threw a border patrol party this year, echoing a recent sorority “fiesta” party with the same racist costumes, there have been reports of bleach balloons launched at students of color, and UT’s Young Conservatives of Texas have become nationally reviled for their “affirmative action bake sales” and bigoted views.

Oh, one more worth mentioning: those Young Conservatives of Texas also planned to pay students $25 for each (volunteeer) “illegal immigrant” caught around campus, which the organization had to cancel in response to righteous national outrage. This is a state with serious campus discrimination problems, and Martinez Fischer’s effort is clearly worthy of passing.

Will it get any meaningful support? Almost certainly not; state Republicans have only shown outrage about the discriminatory events when it affects their campaigns, as the mock immigration sting did to Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial effort. The organizations president at the time as a paid staffer on the Abbott campaign, somehow unsurprisingly.

That’s the sad part about living in Texas these days – “what to do” has never been more obvious, and it’s deeply difficult to achieve.


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