Dallas Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Anti-Gay Vandalism

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Richard R. Sheridan Mugshot (Dallas County Sheriff)Dallas Mayoral candidate Richard P. Sheridan was arrested on Friday in connection to a series of anti-gay vandalism.

In June 2014, the Cathedral of Hope church and Legacy of Love monument were two of multiple targets vandalized with “666,” which is considered the number of the Beast (aka Satan) in the New Testament. Police had previously listed Mr. Sheridan as a “Person of Interest” in the case as early as August. The charges are considered state felonies, but could be upgraded to third degree felonies if proven to be hate crimes targeting the LGBT community.

This is not the first time that Richard Sheridan has been associated with connecting the number “666” with anti-gay propaganda. In 2013, Richard Sheridan handed out flyers at a Dallas City Council meeting that included pictures of three openly gay city council candidates with X’s over their faces and the number “666” scratched on their foreheads. Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway best emphasized the reaction of other councilors by stating that serial abusers, like Mr. Sheridan, must not be given a forum week after week to spread hatred.

Beyond being a voice of hatred at Dallas City Council Open Microphone Sessions, Richard Sheridan has run several times for local municipal offices in Dallas. In 2013, Richard Sheridan ran for District 13 on the Dallas City Council, which covers the extremely wealthy area of Dallas known as Preston Hollow as well as heavy minority communities of Vickery Meadows and Webb Chapel. Mr. Sheridan received a resounding 28 votes out of 10,357 ballots cast in this election. In 2014, Mr. Sheridan attempted to run for District 8 on the Dallas Independent School District, and received 63 votes out of 756 ballots cast. Richard Sheridan’s 2013 City Council run also received a mention on The Young Turks, a progressive online news show, due to his profanity-laden voice-mail left to Dan Koller of D Magazine. Mr. Sheridan has also made claims during an interview that Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is a servant of Satan.

Mr. Sheridan is running as a write-in candidate for the 2015 Dallas Mayoral Race so his name does actually appear on the ballot itself. The position of Dallas Mayor is presently being fought over by incumbent Mike Rawlings, who is being challenged by Marcos Ronquillo. Mayors of Dallas run for four year terms, and are term-limited to two consecutive terms.


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