Guest Post: Ted Cruz Sets Bar Low for 2016 GOP Campaign

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Thanks to our friends at the DNC for this rundown of reactions to Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign launch.

Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President today.

Here’s how well it’s going for him:

On the internet:
New York Times: Online Mischief Seeks to Dull Cruz’s Luster
Fusion: How Ted Cruz Got Trolled on the First Day of His Campaign
IJR: Ted Cruz’s Web Presence Is In Need Of Some Serious Work
BI: Students at Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign announcement trashed Cruz on social media
Mediaite: Ted Cruz Domain Name Redirects to Healthcare.Gov
Vox: Ted Cruz’s Website Poses Unnecessary Security Risks for Donors
BI: Twitter mocked Ted Cruz’s ‘imagine’ speech with John Lennon jokes

Just in general:
Politico: Fellow Texan John Cornyn won’t back Ted Cruz in presidential primary
CNN: GOP Rep. Peter King dismisses Ted Cruz as ‘carnival barker’
The Daily Beast: The Truth Behind Ted Cruz’s Lies
The New Republic: Ted Cruz Cannot Be Serious
Texas Observer: President Ted Cruz? Meh.
The Detroit News: Cruz’s Campaign Faces Uphill Battle In Michigan

At the Event:
ABC: How Rand Paul Supporters Provided Awkward Backdrop for Ted Cruz’s 2016 Announcement
Mashable: Attendance at Ted Cruz’s 2016 announcement was mandatory for Liberty University students
Bloomberg: Ted Cruz Has Skeptics at Liberty, and They Use Yik Yak
Huff Po:
Liberty Students Would Have Been Fined If They Skipped Ted Cruz’s Speech

With Women:
ThinkProgress: Ted Cruz Just Laid Out The Most Anti-Woman Agenda Yet

With Young People:
MarketWatch: Ted Cruz invokes his student loans, but will he help others with theirs?

With Latinos:
IBT: Ted Cruz 2016: Why Hispanic Voters Might Not Be Thrilled If Texas Senator Becomes First Latino President
EFE: Latino groups reject Cruz’s candidacy saving he’s “anti-immigrant”


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