Ted Cruz’s 2016 Campaign Has Already Made Two Blunders

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It’s not news that the smirk known as Ted Cruz is running for president. It’s all over the news today – and will be for about a week – but we’ve all known everything for months. If you were really paying attention, you’ve known it since at least January 2013 when Cruz stepped into Kay Bailey Hutchison’s former Senate office.

What’s the news, that he’s getting in before the other candidates? You’ll hear a lot about how he’s been out of the spotlight while the early coverage flows to Jeb and Scott. In March 2013, ‘spotlight’ is a concept that exists only in the beltway and in the armchairs of political junkies nationwide. This is about getting money as fast as possible.

Hilariously, his campaign has already made two noticeable blunders. First, they failed to secure TedCruz.com, a site that greets visitors with a simple page saying ‘SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA. IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW!’. That’ll be fun for the thousands checking in on the new presidential campaign Internet digs today.

The second is that Ted Cruz’s logo looks like a burning American flag. It also looks like a recolored Al Jazeera logo. Classy move all around, Team Cruz! It’s hard to blame them, of course. They’ve only known the man is going to run for president for years.

The Cruz campaign has released three introductory campaign videos. It turns out he’s super conservative, and specifically a courageous conservative.

Here’s why Cruz is a long shot via the New York Times. A key snippet:

If Mr. Cruz won Iowa, he probably still wouldn’t have much of a shot at the nomination. He would face relentless criticism from other Republicans. His opponents would probably coalesce around anyone else to stop him. The “very conservative” wing of the Republican primary electorate is not large enough to swing the nomination without additional support from the relatively secular, moderate and “somewhat conservative” voters who decide the party’s blue and purple state primaries.

Basically, Cruz plays up the part of himself that is simultaneously the most exciting and least able to translate widely. He is seen as the farthest thing from presidential in record, temperament, ideas and reputation. Hard to say if he knows this. If he does, maybe he’s angling for the millions in speaking fees he’ll accrue later in life from a high-profile run. Or maybe he’s as deluded as he sometimes appears. It’s up in the air, like the carbon monoxide stifling our planet’s livability despite Ted Cruz’s insane denial.


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Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman has been a BOR staff writer since 2011. A graduate of the University of Texas, Ben has worked on campaigns, in political consulting, and has written for other news outlets like Think Progress. Ben considers campaign finance reform the fundamental challenge of our time because it distorts almost every other issue in American politics.


  1. The flame element in Cruz’s 2016 campaign logo is a rip-off of one of the traditional Christian symbols of the Holy Spirit. Just Google ‘Holy Spirit symbol’ and view the results.

  2. Oh, please, enlighten us. What is a “Liberty Torch”?
    I imagine that only people who agree with you politically can identify these people you metaphorically compare to a beacon, right?
    Couldn’t you think of a better metaphorical symbol than an outdated light source that is often associated with arson?

    The rhetoric in this country, where anyone who disagrees with you is a despiser of liberty and freedom and quite likely a lesser-being, is getting inane.

    • Seamus I believe Liberty is where you get confused. We all must think alike. As Jerry Brown says, because Cruz does not agree with climate changers he is “unfit to be President”. “The rhetoric in this country, where anyone who disagrees with you is a despiser of liberty and freedom and quite likely a lesser-being, is getting inane.” hmmm

    • The Liberty Torch is what the Statue of Liberty holds. I’ll let you Google that but in short a fairly recognizable American icon. Interesting that the Obama logo (sun rising over the horizon) symbolized hope during the campaign is even more appropriate after six years of rule. It know seems to represent the sun setting in the west on a failed presidency, or the dimming light of the most transparent presidency, or . : .

  3. >carbon monoxide stifling our planet’s livability<

    That would be carbon DIoxide.

    Other than that, this is gonna be a fun train wreck to watch.

  4. Tom Blackwell on

    Cruz is where he is because talk radio listeners turned out to vote – – while too many people in the mainstream economy stayed home.
    Cruz does NOT offer a vision of ‘responsible government’

  5. That last sentence should be carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is very different. It is not directly a greenhouse gas (as carbon dioxide is), but enhances the greenhouse problem from methane by reacting with the compounds that would react chemically with methane.

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