Guest Post: DNC Unveils Our Rand Paul Guide to SXSW Music

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Thanks to the DNC’s Factivists team for putting together this playlist in honor of Rand Paul’s trip to South by Southwest.

Rand Paul is trying to show he’s hip with the kids by going to South by Southwest. He even has a hashtag and uses Snapchat! And while Rand’s youth outreach efforts have generally fallen flat, he keeps trying.

But how can Rand Paul appeal to young people when he calls for eliminating the Department of Education, would slash Pell grants, opposed student loan refinancing, opposed net neutrality rules to keep the internet fair to all, introduced a bill that could ban common forms of birth control and abortion even in cases of rape and incest, opposes the DREAM Act, and also marriage equality? The answer is he can’t.

Coinciding with Rand Paul’s trip to SXSW, today the Democratic National Committee unveiled a playlist of songs by bands that are playing in Austin that remind us of him. Listen to it.

1. Considering Rand Paul voiced his support for those who marched at Selma (without going himself last week), but also said that a response to the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act wasn’t needed: “Hypocrite” — Twerps (Playing at the Hotel Vegas Patio on Friday 3/20 at 9:10 PM)

2. Given Rand’s pretty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ approach to vaccinating children: “Vaccine” — Mew (Playing at Red 7 on Wednesday, March 18th)

3. Because Rand’s budget proposals would give the wealthy a big tax break by eliminating taxes on capital gains: “I Love You Money” — Lowell (Playing at the Swan Dive Patio on Saturday 3/21 at 9:25 PM)

4. Because Rand Paul wants you to forget some stuff he’s done and said before, like questioning the Civil Rights Act: “History Eraser” — Courtney Barnett (Playing at Stubb’s on 3/18 at 9:50 PM)

5. Because Rand’s youth appeal has never actually been real: “The Myth of Youth” — Geographer (Playing at Blackheart on Friday, 3/20 at 12 AM)

6. Because Rand wants you to ignore his positions on marriage equality, climate change, and equal pay: “Smoke and Mirrors” — Hamish Anderson (Playing at Lucky Lounge on Tuesday 3/17)

7. Because the only person who agrees with present Rand Paul less than most Americans is past Rand Paul: “I Don’t Know Where I Stand” — Nuns (Playing at 720 Club Patio on Thursday 3/19 at 8 PM)

8. Because sometimes #Randsplaining happens“Answers You Already Know” — Ronnie Fauss (Playing at The Velveeta Room on Wednesday March 18th at 9PM)

9. And since Rand has taken back-pedaling to new levels: “Take It Back” — Shivery Shakes (Playing at Cheer Up Charlie’s at 1 AM on Tuesday 3/17)


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