Greg Abbott Celebrates Immigration Ruling That Could Tear Apart Texas Families

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Late last night, a federal judge in Brownsville ruled on Governor Greg Abbott’s challenge to Obama’s Executive Action last night, granting a preliminary injunction to stop the program until it goes trial.

The ruling temporarily stops President Obama from expanding deportation relief to 5 million undocumented individuals, which was scheduled to start this Wednesday.

Basically, the ruling — which was made on procedural grounds — temporarily halts the expansion of DACA and DAPA, programs which will protect parents of lawful citizens and individuals who immigrated as children from deportation.

While Greg Abbott cheers his “victory,” millions of parents and children will continue to live in fear that when they come home from school or work, their loved ones will have been ripped away despite a history of hard work and lawful behavior in our country.

This ruling came from the circuit court level, which means that the US Fifth Circuit or the US Supreme Court itself could lift the injunction before the trial.

The United We Dream website has some good advice for people seeking deportation relief and puts the ruling in context:

The judge’s order merely delays relief and should be overturned. Governor Abbott and General Paxton are wasting tax dollars in their attempt to split our families and communities. At the end of the day, relief from deportations is temporary — we need to stop deportations, and we still need Congress to act on immigration for our families’ sake.

Families who are planning to apply should continue gathering the paperwork needed to seek relief. Click the link for more information.

The judge has a bizarre history of rulings on immigration, including once writing a 24-page opinion on an item in which he admitted he had “no jurisdiction.” Progress Texas has more on the judge in question.

However, the US Supreme Court has already acknowledged the President has authority on immigration when it struck down Arizona’s draconian anti-immigrant SB 1070.

Ultimately, this lawsuit by Governor Abbott and Attorney General Ken “Hot Fountain Pen” Paxton is a waste of taxpayer dollars and is a shameless assault on immigrant families and youth.

Millions of Americans are waiting on Congress to finally act on immigration reform solutions that are fair for families. However, with the anti-immigrant fervor that has gripped the Republican base, it’s hard to see their leaders exercising the bravery needed to pass common-sense, bipartisan reform.

Meanwhile, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement:

President Obama’s executive order granting relief to millions of immigrants is an important step forward for our country. It’s shameful Governor Greg Abbott wants to perpetuate our broken immigration system that separates families and tie the hands of our businesses. In the face of this disappointing decision, Texas’ commitment to immigration reform and our immigrant community remains as strong as ever.


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  1. They are NOT Texas families! the are illegal aliens! they also do not have to spilt up the families! take them ALL with you! The illegals have nobody to blame but themselves they made the decision to try to come here illegally so it is all on you! stop telling your sad little stories because are sick of it and of all of all of you! go back to your home country! now!

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