A Short Look At Great Quotes By Texas Presidents

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In the past century, more presidents have hailed from Texas than any other state. Arguably, Texas’ roster includes two of the very best to occupy the Oval Office as well as the very worst. Next year, three prominent Texans (that includes Midland-born UT graduate Jeb) will compete to make their own mark in American presidential history. As the country recognizes its 43 leaders today, let’s take a short look at Texas presidents’ best quotes and their relevance today.

Dwight David Eisenhower – born in North Texas’ Denison, raised in Kansas

We need an adequate defense, but every arms dollar we spend above adequacy has a long-term weakening effect upon the nation and its security.

Today, the Pentagon is overfunded by billions. Congress’ captivity in the pockets of defense contractors means the Pentagon is forced to keep billions in supplies it simply has no use for. Giving military-grade equipment to local police forces does not count as a legitimate reason. More than half a century ago, Dwight Eisenhower warned clearly about the runaway military power and got terribly ignored.

Lyndon Baines Johnson – born and raised in Central Texas’ Stonewall

Poverty must not be a bar to learning and learning must offer an escape from poverty.

The economic ladder is dropping rungs rapidly. Americans are working more, producing more, and getting paid less than ever in relation to their efforts. Student loan debt is larger than credit card debt. Democrats’ efforts to help the middle class are feeble at best, and there is of course zero effort by Republicans to help realize the American Dream.

George Herbert Walker Bush – born in Massachusetts, made his name in Houston

I can tell you this: If I’m ever in a position to call the shots, I’m not going to rush to send somebody else’s kids into a war.

This is a great quote because 41 lived it. When presented with the option of expanding the early 1990s Gulf War into an Iraqi wild goose chase, Bush declined, thus saving thousands of lives in the process. Unfortunately, his son did the opposite.

George Walker Bush – born in Connecticut, made his name in Midland

I think we ought to raise the age at which juveniles can have a gun.

There aren’t many worthy quotes from the most recent Texan POTUS. He said the surprising above in a 2004 presidential debate with John Kerry, and he never followed through on it. Nonetheless, it does speak to a time long (eleven years) ago when the NRA allowed Republicans to make a couple reasonable remarks about guns.




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