Tom Delay Can’t See ‘Felonious Rick Perry 2016’ Going Well

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This whole “under investigation for felony abuse of power” shebang really might hurt Rick Perry’s presidential hopes. When another Texas Republican, who himself has fallen from grace due to felony charges, says something like this about Rick Perry 2016, you know things aren’t good.

“People don’t want to talk with you, people don’t want to be seen with you. Donors certainly don’t want to give you money because you have this cloud hanging over your head,” Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said this weekend. “I’m sure Rick Perry has a lot of friends and donors to keep him going, but I also know — little or big — it’s having an effect on his presidential race.”

We learned last week that the federal court case indicting Rick Perry for illegally slashing funding to a public office will continue despite Perry’s lawyers pleas. Those expensive outside lawyers — who Texans are paying for, thanks to Greg Abbott — actually filed a third attempt to appeal, and it looks very unlikely to happen. Plus, the number three has never been a very lucky one for Former Governor Good Hair.

Here’s what Judge Bert Richardson said on Tuesday when affirming the charges:

“[D]efendant has not presented in his motion … any challenges to the sufficiency of the indictment upon which the court can grant him relief.”

Any sufficient challenges at all; there’s every reason to continue this criminal investigation. Nonetheless, defendant’s 2016 campaign is coming to a screen near you in May or June of this year, according to the man himself. Will being mired in felony charges slow him down at all? “We are moving along as we intended to,” he said in Austin after the latest news, so, no. Strong words from someone who faces 5-99 years of prison if found guilty of first-degree felony.

Meanwhile in the primary hum drum, Perry is spouting unemployment rate trutherism. Some extreme Iowa conservatives tweeted about him a lot during the Iowa Freedom Summit in comparison to the low rate at which they were tweeting about him before. He said “senators talk” while governors are “judged on the results of what we do”.

The only Perry news that matters is the one that will clearly keep popping up its head in the months to come: the man may be unable to serve as president because he’ll be serving time.


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