Judge Refuses Rick Perry’s Attempt to Get His Felony Charges Dismissed

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When we last heard from Rick Perry regarding his felony charges, his legal team was trying to get them thrown out on constitutional grounds, claiming that the indictment for corruption was an unconstitutional violation of Perry’s right to free speech.

As his lead attorney claimed in a statement, “Continued prosecution of Governor Perry is an outrage and sets a dangerous precedent in our Democracy.”

Fortunately for all of us, District Judge Bert Richardson, a Republican, recognized how nonsensical those arguments were, and yesterday, Rick Perry’s attempt to get his charges thrown out was soundly denied. This is the second time Perry has tried to get the charges dismissed, and the second time he has been denied.

Special prosecutor Michael McCrum praised Judge Richardson’s decision, saying, “I’m very impressed once again with Judge Richardson’s wisdom and in this case, he exercised judicial restraint in not ruling on matters that the law does not allow him to rule on. There are many people across this state and country that argue that judges should exercise judicial restraint and in this case…the governor was asking for just the opposite.”

Rick Perry’s legal team has already promised to appeal the case to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which could take months. That means we won’t be seeing the former governor in the courtroom for quite a while. Nonetheless, his attempts to put himself above the law aren’t working, and these felony charges are likely to continue plaguing him as he continues his presidential run.

According to Politico, Rick Perry was visiting South Carolina when he got the news, putting a damper on his campaign activities. This comes after a weekend spent competing with other Republican presidential hopefuls about who loves America more at the Iowa Freedom Summit.

Rick Perry has said that he will make an announcement about whether he’s running for president or not in May. Given how quickly he made it to Iowa after his tenure as governor ended (and he didn’t have to pretend to care about Texans anymore), his announcement will probably not come as a surprise to anyone. However, as much as he wants to brag about his “Texas Miracle,” the one thing from his governorship that seems to have the largest staying power is his criminal past. Fighting his felony charges has already cost him over $1.1 million in campaign funds. And as yesterday proved, those charges aren’t going away anytime soon.


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