The Real Legacy of Rick Perry

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This week, Rick Perry left office after 14 years as governor of Texas. While he will try to claim a legacy of improving the state, Texans know better. Rick Perry has left Texas worse off in nearly every way possible.

Lily Adams, Democratic National Committee Deputy Communications Director, and Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chair released a statement on Thursday detailing the true legacy that Rick Perry is leaving for Texans. The full statement is below.

    Today Rick Perry is addressing the Texas Legislature for the last time as Governor. But while Perry will attempt to rattle off accomplishments from his tenure as Governor, what most Texans won’t hear is the real legacy Perry is leaving behind, and what will ultimately define him as Governor of Texas.

    Perry’s legacy is more than the two-count Federal indictment hanging over his head, the real legacy of Rick Perry is putting his allies and special interests ahead of Texas families, supporting an economy that works for the wealthy few, and leaving middle class and low income families behind.

    Rick Perry has created two states in Texas. One for those who are well connected and at the top who benefit from his policies, and one for working and middle class Texans who are left to pay for, or cope with his decisions.

    In education, Rick Perry has slashed billions of dollars from education funding. College tuition rates in Texas jumped by 55% since 2003, putting the dream of earning a college degree further out of reach for many Texans.

    As Governor, Rick Perry has attacked the idea of raising the minimum wage which would benefit hundreds of thousands of Texans. Even though Texas has more workers that earn the minimum wage – or less – than any state in the country, Perry still refuses to help them.

    And under Perry’s watch, the percentage of Texans living in poverty in his state has gone from bad, to worse. Since Perry took office, poverty rates in Texas increased from 15.1% to 17.5% – which is higher than the national average. And yet Perry insists that Texas doesn’t have an income inequality problem.

    Instead of creating one Texas to lift everyone up, Rick Perry chose to leave millions of Texans behind. And in the case of Medicaid, Perry chose to send hard-earned Texas tax dollars to other states like California, instead of bringing them home to extend health care security to more people.

    These are Governor Rick Perry’s results after 14 years in the governor’s mansion. Putting his allies, special interests and the wealthy few ahead of middle class, and low income families. Some legacy.


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