Finally, Two Arrests Made In #IAmJada Rape Case

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Five months ago, Texas teenager Jada was drugged and raped at a party. In the aftermath of her assault, an image taken of her while she was unconscious and sprawled on the floor went viral with the hashtag “#jadapose.” Because the Internet can be a terrible place and some people are heartless, dirtbags took the opportunity to post pictures of themselves in the same pose in order to ridicule a young woman who had just learned that she had been sexually assaulted.
That was five months ago, when the average temperature was about twice what it is now. For five months, the individuals who bragged on social media about raping an unconscious girl faced no charges and walked free. Finally, as of this week, two people have finally been arrested and charged with child sexual assault.
After Jada spoke about her rape and online harassment on Ronan Farrow Daily, she received extensive support online. Supporters tweeted under the hashtag #IAmJada to express solidarity with Jada and the many rape survivors who have been subjected to online threats. “I’m just grateful and thankful for everyone who followed and supported me,” Jada told Ronan when she appeared again on his show yesterday.
According to her attorney, Quanell X, the investigation has taken so long because the case was shuffled between two teams of investigators. But, he pointed out, when the assailants are publicly offering up evidence of their crimes to an audience of millions, there’s no reason why arrests shouldn’t have been made sooner.
When asked if she has anything to say to her harassers, Jada said, “I don’t have anything to say to the ones who bullied me, but to the ones who supported me, I want to say thank you.”
Watch the full video below.


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  1. I hope these guys are convicted and incarcerated for what they did.
    I hope they make some realizations that what they did is wrong and that their friends in the community learn from this.
    I went to these two men’s Twitter and it was so disinheartening.
    They blame the girl, they blame all “ho’s” and they are practically illiterate.

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