Texarkana School Board Member Dreaming of a Racist Christmas

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Hooks, Texas sits in the Texarkana region of northeast Texas. Hooks children, apparently, have been living under the education policy of a school board that includes Chris Harris, who posted this on Facebook Tuesday:


Not much ambiguity there. Nothing to explain to skeptical acquaintances or Facebook “friends,” since it’s not possible to furrow your brow and wonder what’s meant here.

Hooks Superintendent Ronnie Thompson has declined to condemn the language, focusing on buck-passing: “News travels fast and you have to be careful, because it can do a lot of damage to you and others. People can get into trouble quickly…[School board members] govern me. That is who I answer to. They govern each other. It is in their hands.” That may be, but still disconcerting to see the schools leader refuse to condemn the condemnable.

That backpedaling screech you hear is Harris offering up basic apologies on Facebook…while insisting the post wasn’t racist. In other words, he didn’t apologize. And now his Facebook is gone.

The school board meets next on December 15th. We’ll keep you updated, hopefully with news of Harris’ deserved ouster.

And if you want to send Harris your thoughts, this is his email address: harrisc@hooksisd.net.



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  1. If it was a black teacher and he sent something about a black Christmas with black panthers screaming kill YT……or whatever ……..you wouldn’t say a word would you ? Of course you wouldn’t…..because in your one sided world that would be racist towards the black teacher ! So sick of the political correct bullshit that only condemns whites for what THEY believe in ! Am I wrong ?? Prove it…….the news .the media, the world is full of examples …..yet people like you never say a word !

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