Support Equality This Holiday Season By Shopping In These Pro-LGBT Companies

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Whether you’re out shopping for presents, considering making an investment, or hunting for a new job, the Human Rights Campaign — the largest national LGBT civil rights organization — has you covered this holiday season with their latest 2015 Corporate Equality Index report. The recently released report rates hundreds of companies and businesses in their support for LGBT equality, enabling buyers to know if they’re supporting companies that support equal rights for their LGBT employees.

Here are a few suggestions for your holiday shopping based on the 2015 CEI report.

When shopping online:

Black Friday just passed – and up next is Cyber Monday. If you are shopping online from a major online retailer, make sure to check out eBay, Groupon, and Yahoo! first, all three with perfect scores of 100. Overstock and Amazon scored pretty highly, too, with scores of 80 and 90 respectively.

When choosing your shipping, UPS and FedEx both ranked high with scores of 90 and 85 respectively.

When at the mall:

Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, GAP, Levi Strauss & Co., Macy’s, Nike, GameStop, and Sears all have perfect scores of 100. Other top scores are from J.C. Penney, Kenneth Cole, and Ralph Lauren each with scores of 90. Stores that also scored high but still need some work concerning equality were Aeropostale, Adidas, and Hanesbrands with scores ranging in the 80’s.

PVH, L.L. Bean, and The Jones Group are the bottom of the list of apparel with scores below 70.

This is probably the largest list, so please head on over to the complete report for other rankings.

When shopping for tech:

A lot of computer hardware, software, and office equipment ranked high on the HRC’s report. Apple, Dell, Xerox, Lexmark, NetApp, and NCR were all ranked with scores of 100.

One software in particular to watch out for is McAfee. Their score was a disappointing 25. Opt instead for Adobe or Microsoft, both with perfect scores of 100.

Under entertainment and electronic media:

AMC theaters, Disney, Comcast, DIRECTV, CBS, Sony Pictures, Time Warner, and Viacom all scored perfect 100’s. Surprisingly, Netflix lacked in the ranking with a score of only 80.

Under the list, News Corp. (Fox News) scored a miserable score of 15. But perhaps it is to be expected.

When flying:

Great news for frequent flyers that support LGBT rights – all major airlines are strong supporters of equality. Alaska Air, American Airlines, Jetblue Airways, United Airlines, and Virgin America all have scores of 100. When looking for flights, Expedia and Orbitz also scored perfect scores.

Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, and US Airways each scored 90.

When looking for a new vehicle:

If you are shopping for a new vehicle, there are more than plenty of great choices to choose from in the list. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan, Tesla, Toyota, and Volkswagen all made perfect scores of 100. Other high ranking companies are Subaru, Visteon, and Hyundai with scores in the 90’s.

Other mentions:

Other companies and stores with scores of 100 are Facebook, Google, AT&T, Target, Office Depot, Procter and Gamble (Tide, Crest, Pampers, etc.), Mastercard, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Safeway, Walgreen’s, and CVS.

Home Depot, Verizon, and AOL also ranked highly with scores in the 90’s.

These are only a portion of the companies and businesses ranked by the HRC. For a complete list of stores and companies, their full report can be found here.

Everyone employee deserves to be treated fairly and justly. In the year 2014, it is a shame many companies continue to treat their LGBT employees as less and cheat them out of the same benefits as their straight co-workers. Because of this reason, if you are LGBT or a straight ally, please take into consideration where you are spending your money this holiday season. Make sure to support businesses and stores that support equality.

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