Texas Republicans Are Ashamed of their Statewide Ticket

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The second and final week of early voting begins today, meaning that both parties are working hard to get out the vote for their candidates. In the case of Texas Republicans, that means trying to fool voters into casting ballots for a set of truly repugnant candidates.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Texas Republicans’ words and actions show that they’re embarrassed by who they have to offer this election cycle. Below is an actual Republican door hanger that was handed out in in Dallas that lists only Greg Abbott and local candidates, omitting the rest of the statewide Republican ticket.

gop ballot

Given who’s on the ticket, it makes sense that the GOP wouldn’t want to advertise them. There’s lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Dan Patrick, a man who has lied on the campaign trail, and whose vitriolic anti-immigrant stances are too conservative even for Republicans. The Republican candidate for attorney general is almost certainly a felon, under investigation for actions that he’s admitted to doing that constitute a third-degree felony. And don’t forget Republican comptroller candidate Glenn Hegar, a man who lacks basic understanding of the tax system, and who brags about slashing school funding and authoring HB 2.

Candidates like Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton are so clearly wrong for the state that they haven’t received the endorsement of a single major newspaper in Texas. That’s why Texas Republicans are actively trying to hide the fact that a straight-ticket vote means voting for these reprehensible men.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer released the following statement on Republicans’ attempts to trick voters:

The Republican Party is clearly embarrassed by their own candidates. Dan Patrick is a ticking time bomb and as The Dallas Morning News stated his, ‘impact, unclear.’ Ken Paxton has admitted to ethics violations and committing a felony. Glenn Hegar is ill-equipped to be comptroller. These aren’t the kind of people we want representing Texas. After all, even their own party is ashamed of them.

Top Image: Progress Texas


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