Ken Paxton Says Border Security A ‘Top Priority’; Votes To Eliminate Border Security Funds

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It’s hard to continue to keep watching state Senator Ken Paxton’s (R-McKinney) failing campaign for Attorney General of Texas.

His campaign has not been able to recover from Paxton being forced to confess earlier in May to having violated state security laws. However, this isn’t the only thing Paxton is having a difficult time being completely honest about — his record on border security doesn’t seem to match up quite exactly to his campaign promises.

On his official website, Paxton claims border security will be “a top priority” of his as Texas Attorney General:

Texans must govern Texas, and all the more in the absence of federal executive leadership. As Attorney General, I will make it a top priority to work with the Department of Public Safety, local law enforcement officials, and the executive cabinet to determine the strategic needs to secure our international border and how to achieve our goals for border security to protect Texans. I will also work to achieve operational control of our border.

Yet, just only last Legislative Session, Paxton voted to eliminate $331.2 million in funds for border security, after having voted against the 2014-2015 State Budget.

Sam Houston, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, is calling Paxton out on yet another example of Paxton’s hypocrisy and lies. Houston’s campaign gathered and released information of his opponent’s voting record to eliminate millions in funding for border security. (Content found here).

This funding included:

    – Texas Rangers and Department of Public Safety officers
    – Operational costs for the DPS
    – Local law enforcement border security initiatives
    – The Border Operations Center
    – The Joint Operations and Intelligence Centers
    – The Rio Grande Valley Border Security and Technology Training Center.

Paxton claims to want to “work with the Department of Public Safety, local law enforcement officials, and the executive cabinet,” yet he voted to eliminate operational costs for the DPS, DPS officers, and local law enforcement border security initiatives. His campaign promises simply don’t match up to his actual vote.

It seems like Paxton is attempting to profit from the same xenophobic tactics in play this election by other prominent Republican figures. Perhaps Paxton is hoping that support from the Tea Party, voters only concerned with shutting down our border, will be enough to save his failing campaign and his future career.

But desperation won’t do Paxton any good.

Put simply, no matter the outcome this election, Paxton will not be ineligible to serve as Attorney General of Texas if convicted for his third-degree felony. A felony he has already admitted to committing.

Back in May, Paxton was forced to confess he had broken the law by soliciting investment clients without having first registered with the Texas Securities Board. These incidents were made known by documents obtained by the Texas Tribune. Paxton then had to pay a $1,000 fee. The irony behind all of this, is that Paxton broke the exact same laws be had voted in favor of as an elected official.

According to our Texas Constitution, our state Attorney General is charged to “defend the laws and the Constitution of the State of Texas, represent the State in litigation, and approve public bond issues.” Yet, Paxton cannot even follow the law, much less defend it.

Can Texans truly trust Ken Paxton to be the next Attorney General?

Luckily for Paxton, the Public Integrity Unit will not be conducting an investigation against him until after the election. This doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have to explain his actions. Sam Houston, along with other Republican officials, have called on Paxton to come forward and stop hiding.

“Ken Paxton claims he’s for border security, yet he votes against funding it. He wants to be Attorney General yet he commits a felony. He owns businesses and then votes on issues that affect those businesses. Texans cannot afford Ken Paxton as our Attorney General,” said Houston.

Here’s hoping enough Texans have the common sense not to vote for a crook.

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