Sexist and Homophobic Texas Frats Face Disciplinary Action

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It’s that time of year again! The temperatures are dropping (sort of), students have returned to school, decorative gourds are everywhere and—would you look at that!—frats are being homophobic and encouraging rape.

The Daily Texan reported that a UT student who rushed Lambda Phi Epsilon was asked a derogatory question about his sexual orientation during his interview. The student, who did not receive a bid, was told by a member of the frat that he was discriminated against because he is gay.

The frat in question was under suspension after a pledge died of alcohol poisoning at a party hosted by the organization in 2005. However, the frat allegedly created an “underground” chapter.

According to the Texan, “Zhou said he told officers of the Lambda Phi Epsilon national chapter that the UT chapter operated unofficially and unfairly denied his bid.”

Currently, the national chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon is investigating the UT chapter.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a Texas Tech chapter of Phi Delta Theta was shut down on Monday after displaying a banner encouraging party attendees to sexually assault women.

At a party last month, the fraternity decided to decorate with a banner with the clasically offensive and repulsive phrase “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal.”

Seriously? Was there not a single frat member who chimed in to say, “Can we hang up another one of those wooden paddles instead of that truly awful banner?”

On Monday, the Phi Delta Theta organization “placed the charter of the Texas Epsilon Chapter in escrow and removed from membership any individuals who directly violated organizational policy or were in a position of chapter leadership.”

According to a statement on the fraternity’s website, “The remaining members will have all activities limited to education in the areas of sexual assault prevention and bystander behavior, improving chapter operations, community service and philanthropic activities.”

Now, who wants to take an over-under bet on how long it takes for someone to make a “Not All Frats” comment?


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