For the Statewide Democratic Ticket, The Endorsements Keep Rolling In

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Endorsements are coming out across the state. As we enter the final stretch before one of the most exciting elections in decades, statewide Democrats are sweeping up. With each announcement, the message is clear: the Democratic statewide ticket is just better for Texans.

On the top of the ballot, Wendy Davis recently added community leaders from Tyler and the Rio Grande Valley to her impressive list of endorsements. David Henderson, Smith COunty Democratic Party Chair, Kasha Williams, Longview City Councilwoman, and JoAnn Hampton, Smith County Commissioner, did more than just endorse – they committed to actively campaign for Davis to ensure a better future for their community.

In the Rio Grande Valley, seventy-three elected officials came together to endorse Davis. Citing her commitment to quality education, her support for the Texas DREAM Act and all Texan DREAMers, and her willingness to work for a real solution to lack of healthcare access in Texas, these leaders see in Davis the kind of governor they want to see in November:

    Senator Davis has a consistent and proven record of championing the interests of all hardworking Texans, regardless of age, race, or gender. Sen. Davis believes that where you start in life shouldn’t determine where you go, and that’s why she’s been a tireless champion for policies to ensure that residents of the Rio Grande Valley – and all Texans – have a fair shot to succeed.

Leticia Van de Putte has been recognized not only by organizations from within the state, but across the country. The Human Rights Campaign, Democracy for America, and The Latino Fund have all endorsed Van de Putte. This isn’t to underplay her endorsements in the Lone Star State, which come from many key organizations. Most recently, Van de Putte was endorsed by a familiar figure in Texas politics: none other than Bill Hobby. Hobby said,

Leticia has the vision and the skills to make sure our Texas legislature puts Texas first, and not become infected with the Washington dysfunction that her opponent’s my-way-or-the-highway attitude would bring.

But perhaps no endorsements are as satisfying to see as those coming out right now for Mike Collier, candidate for State Comptroller. Collier has been tirelessly touring the state and talking to everyday Texans – and people are paying attention. From the Austin American Statesman‘s endorsement:

    …Collier is a dynamic candidate. Engaging, enthusiastic and clearly knowledgeable of the duties of the office he seeks, he is a natural communicator with a winning sense of humor. The Texas Democratic Party could use more candidates like him.

The Statesman was also impressed by his ideas for the state:

    Collier sees the comptroller’s office as ‘an exciting management challenge’ that fits best with his focus on performance, not on, say, social issues that he says freeze too many voters in place. One of his main ideas for reforming the agency is to issue quarterly revenue estimates. Such estimates, he says, will improve the comptroller’s accuracy and timeliness, remove political agendas and make a huge difference in how the Legislature does its job.

The Houston Chronicle was also sold on Collier:

    Collier knows the numbers. In our view the choice is clear: Texas needs the numbers man, not a politician who wants to use the office as a stepping stone to higher office.

    Collier, one of the more engaging and articulate candidates we interviewed during the campaign season, clearly has the experience to run the comptroller’s office. He also has ideas for making it function more effectively – among them, producing quarterly revenue estimates so that lawmakers would have a better understanding of the state’s fiscal health.

From a Governor who fights for all Texans to a Lieutenant Governor with the guts to run the Senate in the best way for Texas – not just for political gain – and, finally, to a comptroller who actually understands how the office should function, and has plans to make it better, the consensus is clear: the Democratic ticket is the better bet for Texans.

For the first time in over a decade, this election season brings the possibility of real change for Texans and their families. Voters are already seeing what these endorsements are so pleased to report: the Democratic ticket brings a fresh perspective and a commitment to doing what is in the best interest of all Texans.


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