No, Rick Perry, Your Anti-Abortion Law Would Not Have Helped Joan Rivers

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Oh, Rick Perry.

This past weekend, Governor Good Hair took a break from courting a national Republican audience with his two felony indictments (not that he’s so clear on what they’re all about) and reminding the press corps about his inability to count to three to weigh in on the death of Joan Rivers.

Speaking at Tribfest, Perry surmised that the regulations in HB 2 could have saved her life:

“It was interesting that Joan Rivers and the procedure that she had done, where she died, that was a clinic,” Perry said. “It’s a curious thought, that if they had that type of regulations in place whether or not that individual would be still alive.”

Hey Einstein: Joan Rivers was at an ambulatory surgical center when the complications happened. That’s what your law unnecessarily mandates for abortion clinics. Try again.

What noted medical expert Rick Perry fails to understand is that complications can occur during any procedure. However, on the whole, abortion is an extremely safe medical procedure with a low rate of complication. The ASC requirements in HB 2 do very little to actually improve the safety of people who seek abortions, and more to close clinics and curtail access.

ThinkProgress explains:

    The additional regulations simply force clinics to make unnecessary and costly renovations, like widening their hallways and installing new air filtration systems, that most of them can’t afford. Over-regulating clinics in this way actually poses a threat to women’s reproductive health because it forces clinics to close, leaving impoverished women with few options for safely and legally terminating a pregnancy.

The ASC provision was recently blocked by the federal court system because it was designed to prevent abortion, not promote safety.

This just makes me wonder: does Rick Perry have a team of staffers who sit around concocting kooky things for him to say? Or is he simply not very smart?


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