Wendy Davis Is The Clear Winner In Tonight’s Debate With Greg Abbott

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Wendy Davis brought her “A game” to tonight’s debate with Republican opponent Greg Abbott. Round after round, Davis made clear that she’s looking out for Texans while Greg Abbott is defending political insiders.

On Education: Wendy Davis pointed out that Greg Abbott is defending the $5.4 billion in cuts to public education that were recently found unconstitutional. Wendy Davis filibustered against those cuts in 2011 and led the effort to restore funding in 2013.

On Public Safety: Wendy Davis worked across two legislative sessions to pass a law and fund it to test rape kits, addressing the backlog of 18,500 untested kits. Meanwhile, Greg Abbott opposes abortion rights, even for victims of rape and incest.

On Health Care: Wendy Davis supports a Medicaid expansion, and opposes sending billions of Texas taxpayer dollars out of state to insure other people. Greg Abbott? Not so much.

Campaign spokesperson Zak Petkanas stated, “Wendy Davis clearly won the debate tonight. Under pressure from Davis, Greg Abbott confirmed he’ll continue to block funding for Texas’ schools as well as the right to choose for victims of rape and incest.”

While Greg Abbott defended his “just drive around” policies, Wendy Davis offered real solutions for Texans who want access to education, health care, and criminal justice.

Tonight’s debate made clear: Wendy Davis is fighting for everyday Texas, while Greg Abbott is only looking out for insiders and his own cronies.


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Katherine Haenschen

Katherine Haenschen is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas, where she studies political participation on digital media. She previously managed successful candidate, issue, voter registration, and GOTV campaigns in Central Texas. She is also a fan of UCONN women's basketball and breakfast tacos.


  1. Wow. A classic example of whistling past the graveyard. I can’t say there was a clear winner tonight, but Abbott certainly acquitted himself well. In terms of presentation, he was relaxed and spoke extemporaneously, while she was stiff and rehearsed. In terms of their answers to the questions, his were much more cogent, succinct, and on point, while hers rarely ventured into the territory of an actual answer. Even my wife, who’s as liberal as they come, was embarrassed by Senator Davis’ performance. She was hoping that Ms. Davis would come across as likable, intelligent, and personable. Oh-for-three.

  2. Wendy Davis was thorough, sensitive, compassionate and smart. Gregg Abbott never really answered the questions, but filled his comments with rhetoric and never explained HOW he was going to resolve all of the issues that pertain to Texas and Texans. He insisted on Obama, Obama, Obama, like he was running for President of the U.S. What a monumental fool. ‘Fraud’ in voting? Prove it, Gregg! National Guard at the border rather than assisting educational needs? Medicare expansion? Testing Pre-K kids?

    Wendy Davis has my support. No doubt.

  3. There is no substance or thoughtful analysis in this article. Davis talking points are simply regurgitated!

    Wendy Davis did little to either paint Gregg Abbott as the racist, mysogynist, dishonest, ignorant, political whore that he is or to present a compelling alternative to Abbott. Abbott never seemed to be uneasy.

    In the new “improved” Burnt Orange Report website, why are there so few “approved” comments immediately following articles while there are over 1400 “pending” comments?

    • John Everett Walker on

      culling out responses unfavorable to the premise of Wendy Davis’ position as the Clear Winner. Other articles characterize her behavior as a “Melt Down” or in the case of the usually reliable leftist propaganda organ, MSNBC, “But overall, the meeting was respectful and lacking a clear game-changing moment.”

  4. John Everett Walker on

    Matter of perspective.Kristine Tate Breitbart characterized her behavior as a “meltdown’

    “…but Davis, unable to control herself, spoke over the moderator and would not stop. Clearly on the defense, she was attempting to respond to what Abbott said. ” The Austin American Statesman noticed that too, “on the offensive several times, once speaking over the moderator to score a point.”
    Jason Easley with Politicus believed that Ms Davis “Dominated” ,…” Davis brought facts and the vision for the future, while Greg Abbott was left with Republican talking points and lies.”

    Big Lizard,posting a 7:51 PM Sep. 19, had this to say..”Slime Bucket liar davis will lose by 20 points. But send her all your money anyway.”

  5. John Fredericks on

    This is the first time I have seen Ms. Davis in a live telecast. She came across as a robotic, angry, insecure
    individual. The purpose of a political debate is to project a positive, friendly, & cooperative image. Once the candidate has achieved this image, he or she can lay out the message to be conveyed.
    Mr. Abbot masterfully accomplished both of these goals.
    I look forward to the second debate and hope Ms. Davis improves her debating skills and wins back the voters she alienated on this first debate.

  6. A Davis promo masquerading as a review. Contrast this to any of the credible news source reviews for a powerful illustration of the BOR’s credibility. Either the writer didn’t see the debate, saw a different debate or is hyper partisan. I suspect the latter, but hey this is the bubble/echo chamber where left is right, up is down and logic and truth are subservient to partisanship.

    Isn’t it about time to stop the stale whining over the supposed 2011 education “cuts” (check the State budget, funding has increased every year – the “cuts” were aborted increases, not cuts). Curiously you never hear about the $3.5B INCREASE that was made shortly after the so called “cuts”, or the actual school performance metrics (largely because they don’t support the false “cuts” attack narrative).

    All the front runner needs to do is avoid mistakes and giving the challenger any ammunition. Abbott did that easily and capped it off with a closing statement that made Davis look unprepared for prime time. Wendy was stiff, over coached, mono tonic and her futile attempts to bait Abbott with her attacks made her look petty.

    Davis, a deeply flawed candidate with a legacy of poor life choices, will be lucky to lose by less than 20 points. I look forward to the BOR’s November 5th article whining about the Koch bros (Dems need rehab for their worn out Koch habit; it’s a losing strategy that exposes a vacuum of ideas) and voter ID (something most their admired European countries have had in place for decades).

  7. When you demand that the Attorney General break the laws that you helped pass, that doesn’t make you the winner, that makes you insane.

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  9. Anyone who votes for this broad is an un-American libtard leech who ignores the rule of law, the state and national Constitution, common sense and decency, and any and all reason.
    Anyone who thinks this broad’s meltdown was a victory is a myopic idiot. One thing is for sure is that liberalism is the biggest threat to this nation since Hitler. Liberalism is a acute mental disorder. Abortion Barbie will go down hard.

  10. WOW!!! After tonight’s debate TEXAS will become a BLUE State. Texans the choice is very clear. Wendy Davis stuck to the facts and Gregg Abbott had no idea what was hitting him. With my past experience with the Attorneys General office handling of my foster child case he has no business running for Governor. It took me one whole year to get anything done for this child. I had to personally email him to his personal email address to get a respond. His team kept giving me the run around for months…….I am voting for Wendy and making sure all my friends do toooooooo!!!!!!! Go Wendy Davis!

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