Tea Party Extremist Running For HD 94 Advocates For Violence At Border As Solution To Immigration

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Texas Republicans campaigning on hate-mongering messages are getting way too comfortable speaking what is truly on their mind. One such example is Tony Tinderholt, a Tea Party candidate running for HD-94 on a very extreme opposition to immigration.

Reported by the Texas Observer over the weekend, Tinderholt is seen in a video addressing his supporters while advocating for violence at the border. What exactly is Tinderholt’s grand solution to immigration? “People are gonna die … It’s the only thing that’s gonna stop this infiltration of our country.”

In this town hall meeting, Tinderholt, while speaking of God, proposes that Texans — much like the Spartans did in the movie 300 (yes, he actually said this) — should stand up in arms and stop this invasion by force. Tinderholt also proposes invading Mexico.

You can see him speak in the video below:

Tinderholt is “frustrated” at immigrants coming to the U.S. — particularly children seeking refuge from death and violence — because he argues they are just here “taking free stuff from us.”

“There are some young children coming over. I saw them. They are coming over for hopes of a better life. But their better life for them is free stuff. We have to stop them,” said Tinderholt.

Tinderholt associates himself with people like Dan Patrick, Bill Zedler, Konni Burton, and Jonathan Stickland. People he claims, much like himself, are true conservatives doing the right thing.

It seems, then, for conservatives, doing the right thing also means advocating for violence. Pushing an agenda so far to the right that death is spoken as a solution.

Texas Republicans like Tinderholt are becoming increasingly confident in expressing their xenophobic views without fearing any public backlash. Hatemongering has become such a common theme among Republicans, that elected officials like U.S. Senator Rafael Cruz and state Senator Dan Patrick, are openly embracing extremists like Tinderholt instead of running from them and shunning their hateful messages.

In the video, Tinderholt speaks of being really frustrated “where our nation is going, where our state and sovereignty is.” Yet, it is Tinderholt that fails to release he is part of the problem. He fails to realize the destructive path Texas Republicans are following leads to a dead end; and that by him advocating for violence at the border, he is helping mobilize the many Texans that are tired of the same old hateful dogma and discriminatory policies Republicans have shoved down our throats for the past two decades.

With candidates like Tinderholt, the 84th Legislative Session seems already poised to be an interesting time of leadership for our state.

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Omar Araiza

Staff writer Omar Araiza covers immigration, Latino voters, the U.S.-Mexico border, and LGBT issues. He is a proud South Texas native, born and raised in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Omar tweets from @AraizaTX.


  1. Comments such as the following — it seems, then, for conservatives,doing the right thing also means advocating for violence. Pushing an agenda so far right that death is spoken as a solution — or this one — Hatemongering has become such a common theme among Republicans – ARE TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE! There are differences between conservatives, Republicans and extremists like Tony Tinderholt! This extremist is not representative of all conservatives or Republicans. I am a conservative and stand by my conservative beliefs, but seeing things like this article that seem to throw all Republicans and all conservatives into one group, scream unfair to me. Should I believe that all Democrats have the intellect of Nancy Pelosi? Or the integrity of Ray Nagin? Or the morals of Gary Condit or Eliot Spitzer? They are Democrats so all Democrats must be like them? I didn’t think so! Perhaps the article should have been worded a bit differently. It is these kinds of generalizations that breed discontent. It is these kinds of unfounded accusations against the moderates in any party that bring out anger. I am still hoping to see an election run with true integrity before I leave this earth. That is looking less and less likely.

  2. TeaPartyImmigrationCoalition on

    We saw nor heard anything which would indicate that he or we are advocating violence. Your Smear Campaign against this patriot and family man. 21 year Veteran serving our country, stopping human trafficking, and drug trafficking, he thought he would continue to serve his country.
    Your smarmy attempt to smear a great guy is beneath contempt. He did analyze the border situation accurately. He did say that in order to protect America, there may be violence. However, the violence has already begun against Americans. Americans are routinely murdered by cartels and illegal aliens. Ranchers are hiring armed guards. According to the GAO , 9000 Americans are killed annually by illegal aliens.
    As a Christian, he abhors violence for violence sakes. He, as a Christian, acknowledges his duty to protect his family and the rest of us, even you.

  3. I watched the video and in no way shape or form did I see the hate-mongering that you say is there. He did address that there were children that he has seen but said only that we need to stop doling out freebies to attract them but not forget that there is also humanitarian issues. He did not advocate violence , he did state the need to secure an defend our border, but our country has been doing that since it’s inception. Your comments are so far off the spectrum as to what was actually said that it makes me wonder if we even saw the same video. Loving your country and wanting to serve to make it better for it’s citizens is not called extremism , it is called selfless patriotism ! The folks in that district are fortunate to have an honest man with a heart hoping to serve the district well !

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  5. I appreciate the article as a resident of HD94 but why didn’t you mention the name of the Democratic candidate – Cole Ballweg. There might be Texans outside his district that would like to support him.

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