Greg Abbott Mansplains Health Care To The Ladies of Texas While Surrounded By Dudes

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Flanked by nine men, Greg Abbott unveiled his health plan for Texas at a women’s health center yesterday, while in the courts he continues his efforts to shut down women’s clinics.

A few women were able to sneak in at the margins, which tells you all you need to know about how concerned Greg Abbott is about the views and needs of female Texans.

Abbott’s plan fails to take advantage of the Medicaid expansion, which is costing Texans billions of dollars in tax revenue that is now going to other states’ previously-uninsured residents. It also fails to provide solutions for uninsured Texans outside of the emergency room.

And I can’t help but wonder what Abbott advance staffer thought that visual — a dude surrounded by dudes talking about policies that affect women at a women’s health center — was even remotely a good idea.

The visual says it all: Greg Abbott isn’t really concerned about the women of Texas.

Harvey Kromberg of Quorum Report said last night that Greg Abbott’s campaign seems tone-deaf about women.

Watch the video here:

Spokesperson for the Wendy Davis campaign Rebecca Acuna stated, “Abbott continues to one up himself by insulting Texas women — whether it’s his opposition to equal pay for equal work, paying women in his office less than men doing the same job or fighting to close down women’s health centers across the state. If pictures speak a thousand words, this one sends a clear message to the women of Texas: Greg Abbott isn’t working for us.”

Overall, Greg Abbott’s plan is just an extension of Rick Perry’s policies.

Those policies have left one quarter of Texans uninsured, shut down women’s health clinics and access to birth control, and passed the buck to local governments, causing taxes to go up.

Meanwhile, Wendy Davis has stated that she would look for a way to take advantage of $100 billion in available federal funds under the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid in Texas.

Wendy Davis will make sure women have access to the health care that they need. Wendy stands with Texas women so much that and she’ll even let us stand with her at the podium during a press conference.


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