Greg Abbott Ignores Ethics Questions About Gov. Rick Perry, Instead Attacks Wendy Davis For Memoir

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Attorney General Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign asked the Texas Ethics Commission to rule on whether Wendy Davis’ book tour to promote her recently pinned memoir is illegal or not.

The move by Abbott is just another in a long line of instances where Abbott and the GOP would prefer to silence Wendy rather than explain their policies or risk her story resonating with voters.

We saw the same move last year when they tried to shut down her historic filibuster, and before that when they removed her from the Education Committee for her previous filibuster of the $5.4 Billion cuts to public education that have since been ruled unconstitutional.

Worst of all, they know Wendy’s district is a microcosm of Texas. When they could not unseat her through partisan redistricting because the voters of Tarrant County, who know her best, sent her back to Austin, they knew they couldn’t beat her on the issues.

See Senator Davis’ response below the jump…Andrew Wheat, research director with Texans for Public Justice, told KERA that he’s unaware if there is precedent for such a complaint and noted that Gov. Rick Perry ran a similar book tour in 2010.

Of course though Abbott and his campaign are well aware of this which further proves their motives are to plant a seed of doubt about Davis and hope voters are uninformed or have very short memories.

Why is Abbott not more concerned about the over $100,000 Texas taxpayers have already spent on Gov. Rick Perry’s criminal defense lawyers? Or, the $18 million dollars a month being spent on additional border troops that has essentially funded Gov. Rick Perry’s surge in the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary polls? Remember, Perry has been Governor for 14 years and 8 was with a former Texas Gov. in the White House.

Furthermore, this is one of the few times (if any) Abbott has ever sided against a corporation and what it can do with it’s money — he is particularly friendly when the executives are his big donors.

“This frivolous stunt by the Abbott campaign is the clearest sign yet how worried they are about the power of Wendy’s story,” said Zac Pakanas, Davis’ Communications Director.

Indeed it is. Abbott’s campaign manager argued that, “The book will be serving as a promotion of the issues the candidate has been highlighting over the course of the campaign.” There is no better way to make it obvious how concerned Abbott’s campaign is about the compelling nature of Wendy’s story and the points she has raised so far. Whether it’s avoiding debates or attempting to stifle their opponents 1st Amendment rights, the Abbott campaign is prepared to do whatever it takes to avoid accountability to the people of Texas and answering for his own abysmal record on public education, health care and a host of other statewide priorities.

It’s clear that Wendy has her finger on the pulse of the people and that is what the GOP fears most, and despite the barriers the GOP continues to erect between voters and the polls they know Wendy’s story is getting out and they will use any means necessary to stop it.

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