In Interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, Wendy Davis Reveals She Was Standing With Us

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In an interview that aired yesterday on ABC’s Good Morning America, Wendy Davis tackled an issue that some accused her of evading in her campaign. Speaking with Robin Roberts, Davis discussed some of the most personal and painful stories in her memoir, which comes out this week.

Though it is not the only shocking revelation mentioned in the interview – Davis also revisits an especially harrowing moment in her mother’s life after her father left – her honest and open description of her own personal decisions to terminate two pregnancies has caught the most attention since it was reported on Friday.

Speaking to Roberts, Davis recalls two tragic instances: one of a “much-wanted pregnancy” that turned out to be ectopic, and required termination in order to avoid massive and possibly lethal health risks for the senator. The second follows a narrative that many will recall from testimony during the people’s filibuster, and from stories Davis read on the Senate floor during her own.

During a later pregnancy at a routine check-up, the doctor found something troubling:

Our baby had a severe brain abnormality. If she did survive to term, she likely would not survive delivery. If she did survive delivery, she likely would be in a vegetative state.

We knew that the most loving thing that we could do for our daughter was to say good-bye. And, like so many other families, across this country, we made that difficult decision with as much love for our daughter as can be imagined. Her name was Tate Elyse Davis.

And we loved her as we love our living daughters, drew, and amber. And she forms, of course, a very important part of my life.

When Roberts pointed out that some might criticize her very personal decision, Davis spoke not out of frustration or anger, but instead with sympathy, saying, “This was how my family confronted this tragic experience. I respect so much that people make their own decisions. That decision is the one that is right for them.

Even as she bravely confronts those who would criticize her decisions, or her choosing to share them, Davis continues to champion the central idea that started the filibuster in the first place: the decision to carry a pregnancy to term is one that each individual and their family must make for themselves.

This is the idea Davis was fighting for when she stood up in the Senate, and the idea that brought thousands of people to the capitol to testify. This is the idea at the center of the unheard testimony Davis read on the floor during her filibuster, as she attempted to give a voice to those who had been silenced. And this is the hope of electing Davis governor: that the state could be led by someone who holds a deep respect for the right to make that choice, whatever the best one turns out to be. We deserve a governor who stands with us – and Davis has proven again that she will always do just that.

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