After Michael Sam Signing, Tony Romo Still 'Gayest Player On Cowgirls' Reports Houston News Station

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This is why we can't have nice things.

The reactions to Michael Sam, first openly gay NFLer, signing up with the Dallas Cowboys has been all across the board — from highly supportive to very offensive.

Houston's Fox 26 seems to have taken the news as an opportunity to crack a gay joke — not about Sam, but about Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo.

In their news crawl, you can clearly see “Tony Romo, still the gayest player on the Cowgirls” being reported by the station. Whether this was meant as a joke of some sort has not been confirmed or denied by Houston's Fox 26.

But no matter the haters, Sam is excited for the opportunity.

“It feels good to be a Cowboy,” said Sam, who is originally from Texas. “It feels great.”

After being released by the St. Louis Rams last week, Sam was asked by the Dallas Cowboys to undergo a physical on Wednesday. After passing it, Sam was then immediately signed up as part of the Cowboys' 10-man practice squad.

As for Tony Romo's thoughts on Sam: “I haven't seen much other than on scout team and some of the special teams stuff. For us as football players, it's all about, there are 53 guys, there are 10 guys on the practice squad, consistently, everyone has different politics, religion, views on things, and I think what you find in the locker room, no one cares. It's about can you help this football team win. We're always bringing in people to help the football team. If he can help us, it's a bonus and we'll be lucky to have him. It's just part of the whole process.”

“Like I said, any way I can use my speed or the things I learned in St. Louis, anything I can do to help this team win games,” said Sam. “I'm hungry to be on the team and help a team win, and I'm sure that Dallas wants to win as well.”

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