Congressman Pete Gallego Strikes Bi-Partisan Tone in First TV Ad for Re-Election

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On Monday, Democratic Congressman Pete Gallego launched his first tv for his first re-election campaign to Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.

In the ad, we find Gallego’s son, Nicolas, on a playground watching as two other children fight over a ball. Rep. Gallego appears and laments how there is not much difference between the playground at Nicolas’ school and the floor of the US Congress. Rep. Gallego goes on to highlight how he refused his pay during the government shutdown and how he refused to allow congress to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act.

Nicolas Gallego runs into the screen at the end of the ad to say “Washington Needs to Grow Up.”

Congressional District 23 is a swing district which Governor Mitt Romney narrowly won in 2012 over President Barack Obama: 50.74% – 48.07%. In the same year, Pete Gallego won with over a seven point swing over the President and unseated incumbent Republican “Quico” Canseco with a 50.30% – 45.55% spread.

Third party groups have been on the air for both sides for several months. Rep. Gallego’s Republican opponent is yet produce any television ads for the general election on his own.

The three major political prognosticators, Cook Political Report, The Rothenberg Political Report, and Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the Center for American Progress; all rate this race as “Leans Democratic.”

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