Three Texas Cities Among List Of Least 'American' Cities

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Charro Days in Brownsville, Texas, 4th “least American” city

Personal finance social network, WalletHub, sought to find “which cities bleed the most red, white and blue” according to characteristics such as ethnic makeup, household size and median income. Their analysis resulted in a list of most “American” cities, and least “American” cities.

No Texas city was included among the top 10 most American cities. However, three of Texas' major cities were included among the nation's top 10 least American cities.

The list's Top 10 most American cities included:

    01. Nashville, Tennessee

    02. Cincinnati, Ohio

    03. Indianapolis, Indiana

    04. Charleston, South Carolina

    05. Jacksonville, Florida

    06. Greenville, South Carolina

    07. Oklahoma, Oklahoma

    08. Phoenix, Arizona

    09. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    10. Winston, North Carolina

While three of Texas' largest border towns were among WalletHub's 10 least American cities:

    01. McAllen, Texas

    02. Boulder, Colorado

    03. Altoona, Pennsylvania

    04. Brownsville, Texas

    05. Yuma, Arizona

    06. Ames, Iowa

    07. Johnstown, Pennsylvania

    08. Laredo, Texas

    09. Barnstable, Massachusetts

    10. El Centro, California

It is interesting to note that half of the list's top 10 least “American” cities were also border towns: Mcallen (my hometown), Brownsville, and Laredo, Texas; El Centro, California; and Yuma, Arizona.

Personally, I don't believe average equates to American. The characteristics of what constitutes as “American” are endless. Born and raised in McAllen, I can proudly say my hometown is just as American as any other city, and the area's economic growth continues to attract more people — further fostering it's diversity.

You can take a look at WalletHub's complete list of cities and their rankings here.

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