Greg Abbott Exaggerates His Record on Sexual Assault

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Greg Abbott’s campaign claimed last week that he awarded over $1 billion to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Turns out it was only $782 million.

“Victims of sexual assault in Texas have no greater advocate than Greg Abbott,” said Amelia Chasse, Abbott’s deputy communications director, “who as attorney general has spearheaded the arrests of over 4,500 sex offenders and awarded over $1 billion to victims of crimes like sexual assault and domestic violence.”

When Wendy Davis pointed out the significant disparity, Abbott’s campaign claimed she was “grasping at straws.” But the Davis campaign believes he is deliberately overstating his record in an area that he is clearly vulnerable.

Wendy Davis has made sexual assault a major campaign issue, which has put Greg Abbott on the defensive. The fact that he overstates his record goes to show just how vulnerable he knows his record is. “Given his record of siding with a corporation and against a rape victim on the Texas Supreme Court, it’s no wonder that Greg Abbott has to lie about what he’s done for those impacted by sexual assault,” said Zac Petkanas, Wendy Davis’s communications director.  “However, Greg Abbott’s lies won’t change the fact he ruled against the victims of rape four out of five times as a judge and that he broke his campaign promises to sexual assault victims when he thought no one was looking.”

This isn’t the first time Abbott has come under fire for his record on sexual assault. In 2002, Greg Abbott promised that as attorney general he would require any law firms doing business with his agency to provide at least 15 hours of pro bono legal aid to victims of sexual assault, and would create a statewide database to allow counties to share information that could help prevent sexual abuse. After a dozen years as attorney general, neither have happened.


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