Wendy Davis Pledges to Make College More Affordable, Expand Technical Training Programs

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On Tuesday, Senator Wendy Davis announced her plans to make higher education more accessible and affordable for Texas students.

Her approach would help keep tuition in check, improve graduation rates, and facilitate technical training for students who choose not to attend a four-year university.

“We made this state strong by investing in our schools and making them affordable,” said Senator Davis. “At the very time when we need an educated workforce to lead the economy of the future, we need to put quality education within reach for Texas families.”

Davos announced her four-tired plan at Palo Alto College, a San Antonio community college with about 8,000 students.

Her proposal would create a Career-Technical Coordinating Board to expand educational and job opportunities for students seeking technical jobs.

Davis would also fully fund the TEXAS Grant and make the low-interest B-On-Time loan accessible to part-time students.

Additionally, she emphasized her support for on-time graduation, student retention programs, and Tier One initiatives.

Senator Davis also criticized Greg Abbott for his consistent, aggressive record of fighting against public schools and teachers.

“For too long, the insider network in Austin has left our schools underfunded, understaffed and our children undervalued,” she said.

According to Battleground Texas, students across Texas are expressing their support for Davis’ higher ed policy.

Senator Davis not only wants to ensure students have access to a great education, but also have the resources and support system they need to succeed once they get there,” said Lauren Andrea Hernandez, a UTEP student. “She’s already done so much to make sure students like me can afford to go to college, and has helped strengthen the already great universities we have here in Texas. I know she’ll fight for my education and to make sure that other students, like me, have the opportunity to succeed.”

Celia Arsuaga, the president of UTSA Young Democrats, said in a statement, “Senator Davis’ education plan aims to increase the caliber of Texas universities, ultimately preparing students for their careers. I know she’s the right choice for Governor of Texas, and that’s why I and my fellow students, will continue to work to make sure she’s elected.”

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