Texas Teen Won't Serve 99 Years For Hash Brownies, But Still Faces Multiple Felony Charges

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It turns out that Jacob Lavoro, the Williamson County teen who got busted baking pot brownies with hash oil, won’t serve that 99 year sentence after all.

A grand jury refused to indict him on the most serious charge that would have included the full weight of the brownies (flour, chocolate, eggs, butter, etc.) as a controlled substance instead of just the 2.5 grams of hash oil that he used — a difference of over 650 grams.

The Williamson County DA’s office told KVUE earlier this month that if they reduced the charges it would be because it was standard procedure and would have nothing to do with public outcry or the nearly 250,000 change.org signatures gathered by supporters of Lavoro.

According to the Justice for Jacob Lavoro Facebook page his attorney released the following statement:

    Yes, it is true that the Grand Jury refused to indict Jacob on the most serious of the charges, the charge of over 400 grams of THC.

However, the Grand Jury did indict him on a less serious charge of possession with intent to deliver THC 1-4 grams which is still a second degree felony carrying a punishment range of 2-20 years.

In addition, the Grand Jury added an additional charge of possession of marijuana over four ounces and under five pounds, a state jail felony carrying a punishment range of 180 days to two years in state jail.

    “We are grateful to the Grand Jury for this but now there is more work to be done like the illegal entry of the apartment and the illegal search of cell phone data which the police seized without warrant as required. Hope this helps to understand what has happened and what comes next. Thanks to all, still need your financial and moral support.”

Lavoro still faces an uncertain future and he will now have to consider what it will be like to spend the next 4 years in prison instead of in college — though he still has a shot at probation. Lavoro and his attorney’s next approach will be to fight what they believe was an illegal search of his phone without a warrant, something the U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier this year was unconstitutional.

Lavoro has raised just over $9,000 for his legal defense on gofundme. His dad who started the fund said, “He has never been in trouble with the law before, and has always been a great kid who we love very much.”

h/t Texas Cannabis Report

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