Texas Pastor Calls For Removal of “Demonic” Twilight Books From Library

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There's at least one person who's not torn between Team Jacob and Team Edward.

A Cleveland, Texas pastor has called for the removal of the popular Twilight series from the local library, claiming that the “sexual element” and “creatures that aren't human” are dangerous for young readers.

Missick also thinks teens should have parental approval to check out such books. Currently, library policy requires parental consent for minors to get a library card.

As reported by ABC 13:

Pastor Phillip Missick of King of Saints Tabernacle, a Messianic church, filed a complaint with Austin Memorial Library, Cleveland's public library, asking that many fiction books on vampires, demons and the supernatural be purged. He says he was stunned to find the young adult section full of books like “Blood Promise,” “Twilight,” and the “Vampire Knight” series.

“This is dark. There's a sexual element. You have creatures that aren't human. I think it's dangerous for our kids,” said Missick.

Cleveland City Manager Kelly McDonald declined an interview but we have Library Director, Mary Cohn's response to Missick's complaint, as well as to a petition he had signed by a handful of local pastors. She noted only five percent of all the 1,500 titles in the teen section deal with occult, vampires and the supernatural, and then spoke to the mission of a public library saying materials should not be chosen or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.

Arguably anything that encourages teenagers to read is a good thing — the Twilight series and other YA titles encourage young people to enjoy reading. Teenagers are also smart enough to understand that vampires aren't real. Other series such as the Harry Potter books also dealt with the kind of magic that isn't found in the Bible, and still managed to teach readers positive moral lessons.

All in all, these kinds of stories just make conservative Texans look ridiculous and out-of-touch with modernity. Teens are learning to enjoy reading and hopefully developing a life-long love of books.

Meanwhile, the $5.4 billion cut from public schools in 2011 by the Republican legislature still has yet to be restored. Maybe conservatives worried about the future of our young people should pray about that instead.


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