Lilith Fund 2013 Report: Abortion Access Barriers Met With Generous Donor Support

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Despite the devastating attacks on reproductive justice from the state legislature in 2013, grassroots organizations and their supporters are working harder than ever to ensure that Texans have access to abortion funds.

The Lilith Fund, an organization that provides abortion funds to Texans in need, recently released their annual report for 2013.

We received an unprecedented outpouring of support in the past year, with donations coming from all over the country as people watched in horror at the cruelty being inflicted on Texans needing abortions,” Lilith Fund reported. “Despite the generosity, we watched our clients experience greater hardships as clinics closed and doctors were unable to provide services to those most in need.”

In 2013, Lilith Fund received 3,017 calls to their hotline. 1,217 callers received abortion funds averaging $118.


Lilith Fund’s sister organization, Texas Equal Access, handles abortion funding for North Texas clients. Although TEA has not yet released a 2013 report, in past years they have provided grants for more than 1,000 abortions.

Of the Lilith Fund callers, 81 percent were women of color and 69 percent already had at least one child.

The average age of the caller was 26.

More than seven percent reported being the victim of rape or sexual violence.

Last year, Lilith Fund raised $224,902 through special events, fundraising, individual contributions, and grants.


$76,075 was distributed to Texans in need of abortion funds, leaving $168,717 in ending reserves for the organization to continue growing.

The 5th Annual Bowl-a-Thon this year was Lilith Fund’s biggest yet and raised over $63,000 for Texas abortion access.

However, despite the tremendous generosity of reproductive justice advocates, Texans still face extraordinary challenges to accessing reproductive healthcare.


In particular, low-income individuals, rural dwellers, and minors are particularly affected by last year’s series of stringent abortion restrictions.

“Resourceful Texans do everything they can, and will still come up short due to systemic unequal access to healthcare and income,” the report read. “We’re preparing to give more when people need it most, when they’re considering paying for an abortion instead of food for their kids, a tuition payment, rent, leaving an abusive relationship, or coping with illness.

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