18 Candidates File for Five AISD Races


Monday was the filing deadline for local races in Austin. In addition to the 78 candidates bellying up for the first Austin City Council elections held under the 10-1 map, there is also a significant increase in candidates for AISD, with 18 candidates signing up to run.

Unlike City Council, however, this is not the first Austin Independent School District election held in November.

2012 saw one open district-wide race between Gina Hinojosa and Mary Ellen Pietruszynski for the at-large seat vacated by Annette LoVoi. It was an expensive race that saw the Travis County Democratic Party give Hinojosa a major boost.  

However, with many retirements this year, a search for a superintendent ongoing, and the continued challenges of leading a school district in the face of the Texas legislature's refusal to restore the 2011 budget cuts, it's no surprise to see some turnover.

Below, here's who's runningHere's a list of who is running for each place. Click here for a big version of the district map.

At-Large District 9 (seat vacated by Tamala Barksdale)

Joan Brook

Nael Chavez

Kendall Pace

Dr. Kazique J. Prince

Hillary Procknow

Andy Trimino

District 1 (seat vacated by Cheryl Bradley

P. Kevin Bryant

David “D” Thompson

Edmund T. Gordon

Stanton Strickland

District 4 (seat vacated by Vince Torres)

Julie Cowan

Karen Flanagan

District 6 (seat vacated by Lori Moya)

Kate Mason-Murray

Paul Saldaña

Monica Sanchez

District 7:

Robert Schneider (incumbent)

Theresa Bastian

Yasmin Wagner

Of course, the inimitable Richard Whittaker of The Austin Chronicle has more on who these people are.

It will be a short, fast, challenging race in which most candidates will be hampered by fundraising. Expect newspaper endorsements and some organizational endorsements to be a big factor. And of course don't be surprised if many of these head to December runoffs.  

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