Rick Perry Hypocrisy: We Settle Our Political Differences At Ballot Box, Unless You're Suing Obama

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Governor Rick Perry is in a bit of a pickle: His hopes of becoming president, and ever being taken as a serious candidate, are rapidly being demolished by his recent indictment. Because despite the good hair, his mugshot released this week doesn't exactly scream presidential material.

Now, a desperate Perry is scrambling to come up with whatever excuse possible to clear up his reputation — even if this means contradicting what he has said and done in the past.

Perry went on Fox News this weekend immediately following the announcement of his indictment. According to Perry, this is all a cheap shot at trying to tarnish his legacy as governor. We don't settle our political differences through court. We settle them at the ballot box.

Funny that he says this now — because it doesn't seem Perry has always felt this way. Certainly, not in regards to suing the president.

“This is way outside the norm. This is not the way that we settle differences, political differences in this country. You don't do it with indictments. We settle our political differences at the ballot box,” a very hypocritical Perry attempted to argue during his interview with Fox News. This, after trying to excuse his indictment as simply being a political attack done to him by liberals. (It is not).  

Below Perry's interview with Fox News Sunday:

Despite his supposed new-found appreciation for the ballot box, Perry's previous statements and actions show he used to think suing an official was fair game.

In 2012, Perry supported a lawsuit against President Obama. Texas joined a lawsuit against the Obama administration, brought upon by conservative states over contraception being included in the ACA. Leading the way for Texas was Attorney General Greg Abbott.

In Perry's words, “As is becoming all too predictable, the Obama Administration is continuing its unprecedented and unconstitutional intrusion into every facet of American life, this time mandating that our religious institutions violate their own beliefs. It has to stop. I commend General Abbott for taking this much-needed action, part of an ongoing battle over our right to practice our faiths, and live our lives, without Washington interference.”

Abbott — who's job as Attorney General is “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home,” — has sued the Obama administration over 25 times.

But it's the ballot box that counts, right Rick?

Republicans' “logic” deserves an explanation here: Women's reproductive rights — Bad. Suing President Obama — Good. Republican abuse of office — OK. Indicting Rick Perry — Just the worst.

No matter what ends up resulting from his indictment, Perry's 2016 presidential campaign is officially over — even before it started. Because no matter how desperate conservatives become in 2016, they won't be turning to Rick Perry and his corrupt legacy.


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