Republican Pollster Thinks Rick Perry's Glasses Will Save Him

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Rick Perry’s new glasses might just save his presidential ambitions, according to Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson.

On ABC News this Sunday, Anderson remarked that “the second incarnation of Rick Perry – hipster glasses Rick Perry, instead of cowboy Rick Perry” has helped him get a “second look” from Republican activists after his disastrous 2012 presidential run.

Asked if he still has a shot despite his recent indictment, Anderson said, “Yes, he does. As does anyone on his side who throws his hat in the ring. I mean, the polls consistently show all of these guys hovering somewhere between 5 and 10 percent depending on which day it is.”

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, who was also on the show, pointed out that a cosmetic fix could not conceal Perry’s failures.

“The second look is not going to make Rick Perry look any better,” Brazile said after pointedly putting her glasses on. “The problem is, you know, that his record is still out there. His record as governor, record on health care, education. He will be judged by that, not by the size of Texas and its electoral votes only.”

The reality is that Perry would have had trouble securing the nomination even before his recent indictment. According to recent polls, Perry was polling at 7 percent in Iowa and 5 percent in New Hampshire. Nate Silver notes that sometimes scandals can sink a candidate, while others have very little effect. But even before the indictment, Perry’s “oops” moment was scandal enough to send his own party running.

It’s not to say that glasses can’t make someone look smarter. Take Sarah Palin, for example. But at this point, even the most hipster of glasses cannot fix the perception that Perry just isn’t up to the task of being governor – much less president.


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