Progress Texas Radio Ad Holds Texas GOP Accountable for Attacks Against DREAMers

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A 60-second ad by Progress Texas hit the radio waves this weekend. The liberal progressive organization launched a radio ad in Spanish on Friday, entitled “Deporten a Todos” (Deport them All), that has now begun airing in the city of El Paso.

The radio ad criticizes Republicans for voting to deport over 585,000 currently approved DREAMers living in the country — young undocumented residents brought to the U.S. as children.

Progress Texas issued this message after their radio ad hit the waves Friday, with remarks by Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza:

    Progress Texas Launches Spanish Language Radio Ad Hits Republicans for Stance Against DREAM Act Provisions

    “Latino families don't matter to Republicans – That's Why We Must Vote in Numbers”

    Progress Texas is releasing a hard-hitting ad on Spanish-language radio knocking Republicans for a vote to deport an estimated 500,000 “DREAMers,” people brought to the US as children and have grown up to serve as productive members of society. Many Texas voters recognize DREAMers as aspiring youth who simply obeyed their parents, and all they want to do is study, serve and give back to the only country they know and love.

    The 60-second radio ad, entitled “Deporten a Todos” (Deport them All), begins airing Friday in El Paso. (click here to view ad with English subtitles).

    “Citizens recognize that these people were brought here as children, grew up in America, and that this is the only home they know,” said Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza. “But the recent bill passed by Republicans would effectively dismantle families and neighborhoods.”

    A bill passed by the Republican Congress would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative launched in the summer of 2012. Implemented due to congressional inaction on immigration reform, DACA seeks to implement key provisions of the bipartisan DREAM Act, most notably allowing people who were brought to the US as children and are of good moral character to remain in the states if they have obeyed the law, completed high school and have enrolled in a higher education program or enlisted in the military. Roughly 100,000 of those people are in Texas.

    “When Republicans appeal to a fringe base, it serves the interests of a few without considering the impact on the communities of all citizens – it's a careless way to shape public policy,” added Espinoza. “It's disingenuous for Republicans to dumb-down a nuanced issue with bumper sticker logic.”

    A video of the ad along with English subtitles can be viewed here.

    Progress Texas specializes in rapid response, message development and online campaigns for progressive ideals in Texas. We challenge right wing narratives that lead to bad public policy. Our work is creative, sends a clear and compelling message, and shapes public opinion.

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Texas is one of the biggest states to benefit from the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), with close to 300,000 immediate, possible and future beneficiaries.

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