Statewide Law Enforcement Endorses Libby Willis for Senate District 10

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Leticia Van de Putte isn’t the only democratic lady getting noticed for her commitment to public safety. Libby Willis, who is running to replace Wendy Davis in Texas Senate District 10, was endorsed this month by a statewide law enforcement organization.

The Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, or CLEAT, is the largest law enforcement officers’ union in Texas, and they chose Libby Willis as the candidate best prepared to stand up for public safety in the Senate.

When CLEAT announced their endorsement, CLEAT President Todd Harrison explained their decision in a statement:

Libby Willis has been like a family member to Texas law enforcement officers for many years. Her views toward the work we do and the issues vital to us have deep roots in our family tree.In the upcoming legislative session, we are going to need lawmakers whose support for the tough job we do every day in an increasingly dangerous environment is unquestioned. And we know that we can count on Libby Willis to have our backs in the Texas Senate.

She strongly supports an anti-crime agenda and will make sure officers have the tools they need to do their job.

As Libby Willis works to keep Senate District 10 blue, more is at stake than just one seat in the Texas Senate: this seat is the one we need to keep the two-thirds majority rule in Senate Democrat’s favor.

The rule, which was abandoned during the special session, is a tradition in the Senate, where any legislation that comes before that chamber must be approved by two-thirds fo the Senators. Without SD 10, Democrats in the Texas Senate stand to lose the one bargaining chip they can count on to block the most heinous of bills.

Statewide endorsements like this one are key to Willis’ campaign, and will help to show residents of SD 10 and Democratic supporters across the state one of the many reasons Willis is the best choice for Senate District 10.


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