Rick Perry Calls for Rebellion Against “Power-Hungry, Oppressive” President at RedState

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Rick Perry is sounding more and more like a legitimate candidate for the 2016 GOP nomination.

He’s got a new a look, a new campaign manager, a new PAC and a tough new stance on immigration that is timely and very attractive to the Tea Party.  It says this: Rick Perry doesn’t just know business — he means business.

But still, there are still a few problems he must solve before the American people at large will even get a chance to consider him a serious contender for the White House.

In 2012 Rick Perry announced his Presidential campaign at RedState, but we all know how it ended.

In front of a conservative activist crowd starving for red meat Perry called for national “rebellion” against a “power hungry, oppressive” President. Given that Perry has unilaterally sent troops to the Texas border that rhetoric sounds more like Robespierre of the French Revolution than the one started by the Tea Party in Boston.

The modern Tea Party may be happy he’s telling them what they want to hear, and taking action, but the sudden change of heart, so to speak, isn’t going unnoticed. The biggest elephant in that room for Perry is that “Texas DREAM Act,” which he signed in 2001 and defended in 2011 that gives instate tuition for undocumented students, is still law in Texas.

That fact isn’t lost on his potential primary opponents as Rand Paul seized on it last week saying Perry had created a “beacon” to immigrant children. That was also the sentiment of an Op-Ed that recently appeared in Breitbart Texas.

The most astonishing example of this in recent days is Texas Governor Rick Perry’s rants about President Obama’s “policies that serve as a magnet to encourage illegal immigration”. That’s rich coming from Perry who has been Texas governor for almost fourteen years and has amassed plenty of public statements about his own favorite magnets for illegals.Is it just me, or do Texans have a right to be offended when reflecting upon Governor Rick Perry’s own record of supporting and promoting taxpayer-funded magnets and policies that give aid and comfort to those here illegally?

The next Texas legislature could change course but Governor Perry won’t be there to sign the bill. His legacy will also show that he was governor during the entire Bush presidency, another Texas Governor who could have sent troops to the border.

Another major issue that Perry has yet to work out is that he needs to up his game with the national media. There is a certain amount of street cred you get with right wing activists when you get attacked by the “lamestream media” but Perry has to be better on his feet to even go toe to toe with his Primary opponents, many of which have a lot of national media experience.

The 3rd thing? No, I haven’t forgotten – it’s Ted Cruz and he is still the Tea Party favorite. He has been on the attack but regarding Perry he has kept his powder dry. Maybe he thinks he is too hot to touch, or maybe he just thinks he will eventually burnout.

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