Congressman Joaquin Castro Takes A Prominent Role in Congress on Immigration, Refugee Crisis

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Congressman Joaquin Castro is becoming an increasingly prominent Democratic voice on issues pertaining to immigration and the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our nation's southern border.

Friday, Castro released a strong statement against Republicans' votes for a sham border bill. Sunday, Castro spoke on This Week about border security and Congress.

Castro is well-positioned to address these issues from a Democratic and Texan perspective. He speaks to both the human concerns faced by immigrants and refugees, and the pragmatics of governing at the state and federal level.

Friday night, Republicans passed a series terrible anti-Latino legislation that stands no chance of passage in the Democratic Senate and will never be signed by the President.

They voted to end DACA and resume deportation proceedings for DREAM Act eligible youths, and scrambled to pass a border security bill that was harsh enough for the right-wing anti-immigrant crowd, who care little for the children who are fleeing death and violence in Central America.

After the vote, Castro made the following statement:

“Tonight, Republicans passed bills that will not secure the border, will not bring an end to the humanitarian situation testing our nation's conscience, and will do nothing to fix our broken immigration system. Instead of governing, Republicans have given into their worst instincts.

For the next 5 weeks we will hear Republican members of Congress patting themselves on the back, for passing 'something.' All the while our Department of Homeland Security pinches for pennies and our South Texas communities continue to deal with armed and masked militias that have been given legitimacy by the silence of Texas' state leaders.”

Sunday morning, Castro spoke on This Week about border security and Congress. Take a look:  

Texas is lucky to have Congressman Castro advocating for a broad range of issues that matter, and standing up to Republicans and their increasingly xenophobic rhetoric.  


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