Dan Patrick's Disappearance Act: Where Did Danny Go?

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Image courtesy of Lone Star Project

If the campaign landscape in Texas has seemed a little less ridiculous recently, it is probably because one of the most unabashedly offensive characters running for office in November disappeared for almost forty days.

After winning his primary against David Dewhurst, Dan Patrick dropped off the radar. If it strikes you as odd that one of the candidates in the country's most interesting race for Lieutenant Governor would be MIA following an incredibly high profile run-off, you aren't the only one.  

More on Disappearing Dan below the jump.A vitriolic runoff campaign with an incumbent can really take its toll on a person. Perhaps Dan Patrick just needed a rest. The Lone Star Project posited that, perhaps, he was taking the time to rethink some of the more offensives parts of his campaign messaging strategy. For someone as outspokenly xenophobic as Dan Patrick, this seems unfortunately unlikely.

While Leticia Van de Putte was visiting border patrol officers in the Valley, Dan Patrick was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps that is part of the reason that Van de Putte out-raised her opponent since the runoff – despite not having a runoff of her own.

Texans want to know why a Lieutenant Governor candidate would go missing for over a month during a heated campaign, but so far, Patrick has no answers to offer.

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Emmanuel Garcia has some questions for him, too:

Where have you been Dan? Texans deserve to know. Dan Patrick hasn't been seen in over a month, but that hasn't stopped him from spraying his hateful rhetoric in the press and online. From claims of an “illegal invasion” to spreading “third world diseases” to “hardened criminals” on our border, Dan Patrick has been fear mongering and spreading misinformation instead of talking to Texas voters.

Patrick can't hide behind his words or his padlocked “Secure Our Border” white picket fence signs anymore. Dan, now that you are done hiding, its time to answer for your harmful lies because Texans deserve answers.


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