The Ugly Truth About Our Website

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While we at Burnt Orange Report work hard to bring you progressive coverage of Texas news, the website we have isn't that great. In fact, it's kind of ugly.

That's why we're doing something about it. Last week, we started the process of redeveloping Burnt Orange Report's website — we're making one that will look as good as the content we publish on it.

This is a big step for our blog. And we can't do it alone. We're counting on our loyal readers who value Burnt Orange Report and rely on our progressive news coverage to help us fund part of this redesign.

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Over the last few years we've broken national news stories, provided on-the-ground live-blogging of major political events, and kept our focus on the issues that matter to progressive Texans.

If you help us fund this redesign, you will enable Burnt Orange Report to do even more great reporting, expand our audience, and engage the growing progressive base in Texas.

Click here to help us build a website that is as great as the content we publish on it..

Thanks for your support over the past 11 years — we're committed to working even harder to provide progressive coverage of issues that matter in Texas on a website that matches the quality of our work.


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Burnt Orange Report, or BOR for short, is Texas' largest political blog, written from a progressive/liberal/Democratic standpoint.

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