Protect The Vote! Texas Democratic Party Launches Voter Protection Effort

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The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. That's why the Texas Democratic Party is doing everything it can to protect the vote.

We've been fighting hard against the Republican voter bullying efforts in court, and now we're gearing up to fight against them at the polls.

Election judges and clerks will play a critical role on November 4th. That is why one of our first priorities is to help your local Democratic county parties recruit and train more qualified election workers. These election workers are on the front lines of voter protection. We know that eliminating confusion at the polls goes a long way to improve the voting experience. Election workers who understand correct voting procedures can alleviate confusion and ensure that ballots are cast correctly and accurately counted.

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Read more below the jump.As we all know, despite a federal court ruling which stated that Voter Photo ID would have a retrogressive effect in Texas, Republicans have fought against the Voting Rights Act and continued the implementation of stricter Voter Photo ID. This year, we'll be educating Democratic voters about the new photo voter ID requirements and helping them navigate the process to get an acceptable form of photo ID. While we're optimistic that the federal court in Corpus Christi will see this law for what it is — a discriminatory tactic designed to prevent eligible citizens from voting, and strike it down–we're not taking anything for granted.

Texas Democrats are ready, willing, and able to answer any questions voters have and help resolve any voting problems that may arise on Election Day. We'll be working with the Wendy Davis campaign, Battleground Texas, and other allies to make sure there are eyes and ears at the polls to report any issues and plenty of lawyers on hand to take legal action to protect the rights of voters if necessary.

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with the DNC as part of the national Voter Expansion Project. This partnership allows us to draw on a wealth of knowledge, experience, and best practices for running successful voter protection programs. Our additional collaboration with the Davis campaign and Battleground Texas will help us ensure that all Texas Democrats get to cast their ballot for Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte, and the rest of our amazing ticket this November.

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