Refugee Children Come Seeking Life Itself, Not American Lifestyle

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Last night my mother told me the story of a family friend who was murdered on a bus in Guatemala City. This young man cashed his very first paycheck, got onboard, then was shot dead moments later in front of his sister and a crowded bus load of people. Mama hadn't told me this story before because she was trying to protect me, as is her instinct even now in my thirties. With the work Texas Young Democrats are doing to get supplies to the refugee children currently in the Rio Grande Valley, she thought I should know why TYD's work matters to our family.

When you wonder why parents would ever send their child off to the United States unaccompanied, know that it's not out of greed or because they want to push their responsibility onto someone else. It's certainly not because they think it'll be easy for anyone – not the parents, not the kids, not us. It's not some idea of life in America. In reality, it's life itself. These mothers and fathers are trying desperately to protect their children just as you or I would. How we treat these young refugees will reveal the way we would want our own children to be treated when they're desperately in need of protection.

Want to send #LoveFromTexas to these little ones? Order something from our Amazon Wish list and one of our partners working on the ground will make sure a refugee in need gets the care and comfort every child deserves.

John Canales Gorczynski, a native Houstonian, is the President of the Texas Young Democrats. He previously served as Training Director for the Young Democrats of America. John has a diversity of professional experience ranging from managing political campaigns to non-profit communications to teaching English as a Second Language in the Harris County Jail. He also served as the head of the student government at his alma mater, St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is currently completing his Masters in Business Administration.


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