Friday Wrap: Ted Cruz vs. Vampires, Weird Al's Successful Week, and More…

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It's Friday! Time for BOR to close some browser tabs and touch on the issues of the week.

First up this week, Wendy Davis cemented her place in our collective hearts after posting this picture of herself enjoying Texas' favorite fast food chain. (Special props for wearing a white dress while eating a meal that we can only assume included spicy ketchup!)

Below the jump, see which very conservative man Congressman Joaquin Castro ran into, good news for Ted Cruz, Austinites who don't understand heterosexuality, and more…

This week's episode of True Blood featured a fictional fundraiser for Texas senator Ted Cruz that turned bloody when a gang of thugs gunned down attendees in search of a woman who introduced a disease that killed vampires. Ted Cruz took the opportunity to speak out against the show and reveal his sense of humor (or lack thereof):

-Katie Singh


Good news for avocado-hating Ted Cruz: now he won't have to plot the next government shutdown from the basement of Tortilla Coast. Chuy's is opening locations in the DC Metro Area.

-Katherine Haenschen


Dude goes around Austin asking residents if they'd vote for an outspoken heterosexual for president. Apparently, a lot of people in Austin don't know what heterosexuality means…

Also, possible new sighting of “Sleepless in Austin” guy at the end of the video. Prepare to cringe all over again. Ugh.

-Omar Araiza


At the conclusion of his experiment of 8 music videos released over 8 days, the Internet did not kill “Weird Al” Yankovic, it only made him stronger. He has concluded his 14 album contract with RCA, and plans not to renew. Al now plans to release exclusively singles from here on so his parodies can be available as soon as possible to stay on top of the most recent trends of pop music.

-Joseph Vogas


-Katherine Haenschen


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