Greg Abbott Encourages Texans To Talk and Text During Movies. Wendy Davis Gets The Last Laugh.

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If you're an avid filmgoer in Texas, you're probably aware of Alamo Drafthouse founder and owner Tim League's all-out crusade against people who talk and text during films.

So when Greg Abbott released a pre-film ad encouraging people to text in the theater, it's no surprise that the Drafthouse folks fired back.

Proving that she too has a sense of humor, Wendy Davis even chimed in, and got the last laugh.

It's no surprise that Davis and Abbott are on opposite sides of this issue. Texans deserve a governor who doesn't text in movies — and doesn't encourage others to do so, either!

Catch up on the textroversy below the jump.If you've been at the movies recently you might have seen this ad from Greg Abbott gracing your screen in a desperate attempt to pander to people who like summer blockbusters. Here it is, as tweeted from Tim League, owner of the Alamo Drafthouse:

Abbott asks people to text FREEDOM to some number because FREEDOM unless you're a woman or minority or poor child am I right?

Greg Abbott: wrong for pre-film entertainment, wrong for Texas!

The Alamo Drafthouse quickly responded

Cinema Goers for Change might be the best PAC to come out of this election cycle. Make it a real thing, Alamo Drafthouse!

When asked for her opinion on Greg Abbott's predilection for talking and texting in the movie theater, Wendy Davis, of course, had the last laugh:

Wendy Davis: the best choice for filmgoers and voters in Texas.


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