Planned Parenthood Texas Votes PAC Will Spend $3 Million on Statewide Elections

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Planned Parenthood Texas Voters, a PAC created four months ago, has announced plans to spend $3 million on efforts to get women voters to the polls in November.

The PAC, which recently received a $1 million contribution from Planned Parenthood Chair Cecilia Boone, will use the money to target 300,000 women, both known Democrats and moderate Republicans.

According to a statement released by Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, “This new organization builds upon the historic grassroots support for women's health care that was shown last summer” and intends to play a major role in the November elections.

Read more about Planned Parenthood Texas Votes after the jump.On Saturday, the San Antonio Express-News reported that the PAC will support “the top of the Democratic ticket, along with a slate of state House candidates and the Democrat running for Davis' open Senate seat. The group also endorsed Rep. Sarah Davis, the only Republican who voted against last year's tighter abortion restrictions.”

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, told the Express-News that the organization will focus on the stark differences between Sen. Wendy Davis' healthcare stance and Attorney General Greg Abbott's.

The organization plans to reach Texas women through phone banks, mailings, and canvassing, as well as social media outreach, radio ads, and online ads.

Recently, Planned Parenthood has invested heavily in statewide efforts to secure reproductive rights. Last year, the organization's PAC spend $2.4 million to help pro-choice Democrat Terry McAuliffe win the Virginia gubernatorial election against incumbent Bob McDonnell.

Planned Parenthood Texas votes will make sure that women voters are the decisive factor in this fall's election,” Yvonne Gutierrez, PPTV Executive Director, said in a statement. “We know that when Texas women know what is at stake in this election, they will vote, and they will vote for candidates who support them.”

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