In Response to an email from the Honorable Senator John Cornyn United States Senate Texas

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Dear Senator John Cornyn Honorable United States Senator of the United States, You asked, “Gregory, when he was here, President Obama was too busy fundraising for Democrats to spend much time hearing from regular Texans about what' important to them.”

Dear Senator please note, The Honorable President Obama is the most accessible president of the United Sates that we have ever known.

He took days to right a letter to all United States Citizens and I responded to that letter at the time July, 4 2011 and he responded with a kind letter of concern “The Blue Print of America's Energy” that his staff was preparing and it still a work-in process  that saved America from Global Economic Crisis!

You can listen to my response at this YouTube link:

You may Share and Share Alike or Publish my illustrations of a train the runs both ways – into and back out of the United States of America:

That will strengthen our border better than a battalion of Army Soldiers, Squadron of Surveillance Drones, or an impenetrable wall twenty feet high stretching from Del Rio to Matamoras

001 “Manifesting the American Dream”

At This Link:…

002 “The Pan American Passenger Railway” The train that runs both ways in and out of the United States

At This Link:…

Or Go to my web page that is black listed At This Link:…

Finally a letter addressed to you at this link [Hacked by Senator Ted Cruz]:


Others letters I have sent the Obama Administration as follows:

“Where is The Beef”

“Bohemian Garden Presidents Use Techniques They are Not Authorized to use such as George H. W. Bush”

I asked you to come to my aid but things just got worse?

I am 100% service disabled for over 20 years and the Bush Administration Data Manipulation has harmed Korean and Vietnam era veterans such as me who happens to be a TS veterans and the use of interrogation devices used on me and my family carries a higher penalty of life in prison up to and including the death penalty, for things I still hold secret, no matter what pain and sorrow the Texas Tea Party has brought upon us.

I still continue to work with the Alamo [San Antonio Texas] FBI as you instructed and together we have solved more terrorist cases ever before and I am due reward money that you can address the Senate to pay me that I will invest back in South Central Texas under the Mentor Ship of the San Antonio SBA, who has my in hand my Business perpictus and waiting for the reward money already allotted and need not pass the Congressional Floor for payment for information that led to the arrest and or death of said terrorist, including Osama ben Laden who tried to kill my family with a copycat bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Oklahoma.

Osama ben Laden financed a high tech bomb he purchase from the Riyadh Saudi Arabia United States Guard Joint Venture Armory, just like the Tea Party Illegal Militia who has / had access to the same in Texas and killed innocent Women and Children.

In Atascosa County Texas, we are still digging up bones with backhoes and the body count number is greater than those uncovered in 'Iraqi Freedom!'

These people were kill by Governor Rick Perry Secret Illegal Militia with tools and weapons taken from the National Guard Armory just like Osama ben laden starting with night goggle vision.

Thank you for asking for my opinion,

Sri Gregory N. O'Dell 07/20/2014


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