Friday Wrap: Imagining More NBA Homecomings, Randy Weber's Pepper Follies, and More…

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It's Friday! Time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to comment on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

This week, someone created house flags for all fifty states using the Game of Thrones website. Here's the Texas one. Click on it to see the rest:

Below the jump, read about some big, inclusive changes to the Marvel comics line-up, and find out who the latest Beyonce Voter is…

What if every NBA player followed in LeBron James' footsteps and went back to play for their hometown teams?

For what it's worth, I'd bet heavily on Washington D.C. Sadly, Salt Lake City, Denver, and San Antonio have not produced enough professional basketball players to be considered.

-Joseph Vogas


Fun times at Netroots Nation:


Instead of trying to get at least one bill/idea of his to get a vote in a committee, Freshman Congressman Randy Weber is wasting his time and our tax dollars in Washington and is being a jerk to his interns.

-Joseph Vogas


It's been a busy week for Marvel Comics ahead of San Diego Comic-con. First they decided Thor would be a title of whoever holds Mjolnir and the hammer would pass for the first time to a female. Then it was announced Steve Rogers would be stepping down as Captain America (again) and the shield would pass to his longtime partner Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon. Wilson will be the second African American Captain America.

But with Wilson becoming the new Cap, who should be the new Falcon? Joe Quesada, Marvel's editor-in-chief, declared his choice: Stephen Colbert complete with an artist's rendering. If Ultimate Nick Fury could be based on the likeness of Samuel L. Jackson, only to see Jackson cast as Fury for the movies years later, why shouldn't a new character be created in the likeness of Stephen Colbert?

-Joseph Vogas


This is great, y'all:


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