Federal Fundraising Roundup: Pete Gallego Out-Raises Will Hurd and has over 5:1 COH Advantage

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For federal races, candidates must report on their fundraising every quarter, meaning every three months. The most competitive race in Texas remains the 23rd district which runs from southern San Antonio, west to El Paso and south along the Mexican border. If this is the Republican's best, and likely only, chance of flipping a seat in Texas, incumbent Democratic Congressman Pete Gallego is making that task as hard as possible.

Since the last quarter, the Republican runoff has concluded and Will Hurd is now the nominee. While Hurd has been hailed by conservatives as a dynamic person, he is not a good fundraiser. Hurd is reporting $272,044.22 raised from April 1 to June 30th; which is approximately the mean, if not slightly below the average, for competitive US House candidates. Worse for Hurd, he was running in an active Republican runoff at the time and had an immediate need for cash. Pete Gallego finished with a strong $408,057.02 raised in Q2.

Better yet is the cash on hand (COH) remaining in each candidate's bank account. Pete Gallego has $814,283.82 left to spend, while Will Hurd has a paltry $150,189.15 remaining. It's no wonder why Hurd has been relying on the Koch Brothers to run ads for him, Hurd can't sufficiently fund his own campaign. To date, Gallego has raised over $1,000,000 more than Hurd and Hurd has loaned himself an additional $70,000.

See how all other federal candidates did in our complete federal fundraising roundup after the jump.United States Senate, Sen. John Cornyn

The United States Senate has different rules for reporting financial reports. While House candidates file electronically and data is available at the deadline, the Senate still reports using hard paper copies and the data is scanned into a computer by hand in non-searchable formats. It takes time for workers at the FEC to hand scan all these papers, so the reports for Sen. John Cornyn and David Alameel are not yet available. Burnt Orange Report will update our spreadsheet when Senate reports are published.

Congressional District 15, Rep. Ruben Hinojosa

A few cycles back there was some concern about Democratic Congressman Ruben Hinojosa and his fundraising. His electoral bank account often reported weak returns and in 2011 he filed for personal bankruptcy. There was some speculation he would retire to take care of his personal finances, but he appears to have straightened things out over time. His electoral bank account is better, but he still pulled in a rather weak $37,500.00 for the quarter. His opponent, Eddie Zamora, hit double digits with an equally unimpressive $20,300.00. The difference in the campaigns is Hinojosa has started to grow his COH over the last few years and retains $295,160.47 compared to Zamora's $6,775.26. Hinojosa's COH advantage shouldn't be a cause for alarm for Democrats, but Zamora is raising at a clip just large enough to take him and his campaign seriously.

Congressional District 27, Rep. Blake Farenthold

The one other congressional race in Texas which has been attracting some attention is District 27, currently held by Republican Blake Farenthold. Wesley Reed is the only Democratic challenger to report a five digits fundraising quarter. Farenthold raised $259,706.00 to Reed's $78,088.03 and maintains a COH advantage of $419,900.17 to $114,484.18. While Farenthold's advantage is significant, the margin between him and Reed is comparable to the one held between himself and the previous incumbent, Democrat Solomon Ortiz, whom Farenthold defeated in 2010.

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