Greg Abbott Hates Out of State Fundraising – Unless the Check Has His Name On It

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Since the beginning of the gubernatorial race, Wendy Davis' out of state connections have been central to Greg Abbott's criticisms of the Democratic candidate. From accusing Wendy Davis of being an Obama “operative” to claiming her ability to draw funds from out of state makes her less qualified for the governor's seat, Abbott hasn't missed an opportunity to discredit Davis as not quite Texan enough.

It is precisely his accusation that her out of state funding tarnishes her image that is coming back to haunt the Abbott campaign. As the Houston Chronicle reports, Abbott is guilty of exactly what he so sharply criticized Davis for doing.

More on Abbott's hypocrisy below the jump.Every time Senator Davis has traveled outside of the state, Abbott's campaign has taken a shot at the candidate. When Davis was in Illinois, Abbott said she felt “more at home in Chicago… than here in Texas.” The campaign created a Star Wars-themed video when Davis went to California, saying she had “gone Hollywood.” And it is easy to see why he lobs these insults – the GOP crowds eat it up. Abbott simply had to mention that Davis went to New York City to get a round of applause at the GOP convention.

This week, it is Abbott who went out of state. At a luncheon on Wednesday featuring Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, Abbott sought exactly the kind of out of state funding he has so sharply criticized Davis for receiving throughout her campaign.

In truth, both Abbott and Davis have received out of state donations, and both will have to continue to rely on these funds to get them through November. To build a budget necessary to not only run, but win a bid for the governor's seat, any candidate will need to raise millions of dollars and continuing bringing donations in throughout the campaign.

In the recent past, national organizations and campaigns have turned to Texas democrats for funding. Without high-profile statewide campaigns, these national interests were able to effectively argue that the money would be better spent elsewhere.

Davis' campaign is turning this conversation around – for the better. Instead of money flooding out of the state to try and have some impact on the political landscape, the excitement around the possibility of a blue Texas is bringing national dollars in to the Lone Star State.

The only true difference is that Davis doesn't have to spin numbers to show that Texans support her candidacy. She has reported record-breaking numbers of individual donors throughout her campaign, and with this momentum behind her, she will continue to do so – and Abbott will continue to show that his money is never where his mouth is.  


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